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Hainan Joy Cafe @ Taman Megah, PJ -Chicken rice and chicken chop da’ bomb

For some reason, I like heading to Taman Megah for food and so it was no surprise that I decided to head there for lunch. My usual drop in would be My Little Herbal Tea –Β My Little Herbal Tea @ Taman Megah, PJ – Roasted Pork Curry Mee da’ bomb and the mix rice eatery –Β 134 Mixed Rice @ Taman Megah, PJ – Yummy . Food has always been good here, affordable too. This time however, I was in the mood for something new and after some searching online, I came across Hainan Joy Cafe. Based on the ratings – an average of 4/5 from over 300 votes and positive reviews, I suppose I can look forward to some tasty food.

*** Sorry, no pictures of the interior and exterior of this restaurant. I snapped it but I cant seem to find it. Will provide it when I visit next.


This restaurant has an old school feel to it. It is a well loved neighborhood eatery that appeals to all walks of life. There was a bunch of oldies sitting in the corner catching up, a single gentleman by himself enjoying a plate of chicken rice, a few college kids eating while completely focused on their phones and a few families simply a meal together. It was a nice sight. You can see the familiarity between the restaurant owner and the customers. When you head to some eateries, there is an air of indifference which leads you as a customer to feel as though it doesn’t matter if you come or go… yea here, that is not the case. I felt welcomed which I liked very much.





While food is generally good here, what they are known for is their Chicken Rice and Chicken Chop which was what we ended up ordering.


Chicken Chop, 14 ringgit + Chicken Rice, 9.90 ringgit + Taugeh (small), 3.30 ringgit


Oooo man, food was good. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the chicken rice to be that good but it was. The steamed chicken was perfect. We requested for chicken breast because that’s where all the meat is, right? They delivered it. Each piece was tender and juicy. Having the chicken nicely drenched in ketchup with the rice and chili/ginger gravy was delicious. Loved it.Β 

The Chicken Chop here is like the chicken chop you’d get at the Coliseum, along TAR road. It is the simple, ol’ school kind. There would be a big juicy, crunch piece of chicken, topped with thick juicy mushroom gravy and a side of egg, tomato, red beans and fries. It mouth-wateringly delicious.

I can see why these two dishes are the crowd favorites. Now that I’ve tried them, I agree. It is my favorite too and I’d certainly be back for more.


Address: No. 53, Jalan SS 24/8, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. Mondays to Saturdays, 8 am – 9 pm, Sundays

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Signing out now, Ciao.


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