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Bukku Cafe @ Klang – Worth the trip 😍 (Pork free)

My friends loveeeeee to ‘lepak’ at Bukku. I sadly, was never in the picture during any of their visits. Why? … because of the distance. While most of them live about 10, 15 minutes away, I unfortunately am based in Bangsar South which would take me 45 minutes to get there and another 45 minutes back. An hour and thirty minutes seemed too much of a hassle just for a friendly catch up. It was not a big deal, considering they are always hanging out in PJ, I can catch up whenever it was convenient. The downside was that I never ended up visiting Bukku.

This time however, I needed the long drive, away from KL. Let’s just say my job was and is thoroughly affected as a result of the Corona virus and the lockdown. Some days sucks more than others and today was one of those days. I needed the break. So yea, I got onto the Federal Highway and took a long, nice cruise to Klang. I suppose the weather was all in support of my rather depressing mood with its heavy downpour and gloomy skies, lol.

This cafe is located in the inner corners of Klang, I suppose. I’ve only ever gone as far the famous Indian street here and this goes about 15 minutes beyond that. You’d pass by neighborhoods that has been around for decades and eventually, the road will lead you into a relatively newer area. Where the houses and shops are more recent and within this neighborhood is where Bukku is located.

The cafe occupies 2 floors. At the time of my visit, both floors were fully occupied. I was told that this is a usual occurence, especially so during weekends. So, of you intend to visit and mind waiting for a table – do make reservations prior. If you don’t mind the wait, there are several chairs at the entrance for you to sit and wait for your turn.


Ground Floor


First Floor

The Ground floor (indoor) is meant for a smaller crowd. Mostly in groups of 2 and 3s. The Ground floor (outdoor) can certainly accommodate a bigger crowd. The top floor is a mix of small and large tables.




The backyard is certainly the main appeal here. Cozy and warm, perhaps even romantic to some. Especially when it is sunny, it is a nice feeling to be out in nature. You wouldn’t get much direct sunlight as there are plenty of plants that acts like a canopy of sorts to shield you. When it rains though, you’d have to head in. So yea, if you guys this cafe, get seated outside. It is a nice change of scenery. A perfect spot for some photography and Insta updates too.




Iced Chocolate, 12 ringgit + Molten Lava Cake, 15 ringgit + Tortilla Chips with Cheese sauce, 6 ringgit


For the Iced Chocolate, I opted for their “Finest Belgian Chocolate” offering. You’d get to choose between Milk – 34%, Dark – 54% and Extra Dark, 70% of which I went for the safest bet, the one in the middle. It was good, a perfect equilibrium between sweet and bitterness. Would love to give the Extra Dark a go during my next visit.


This was finger lickin goooood. The Belgian chocolate sure is a delight. The cake itself was light and airy, the chocolate filling was milky and a tad bitter-ish. However, with the sweetness from the homemade chocolate ice cream …. ooooo, it was delicious. I loved it. It certainly brightened up my gloomy day.


This I simply ordered because my “mulut gatal”. My tummy was full but I still wanted to munch on something and so, the nachos was perfect. The chips dipped in creamy cheese sauce was tasty.

Overall, I like Bukku cafe. I can see why my friends love hanging out here and I myself had an awesome time here. If time permits, I’d be back for another visit.




Signing out now, Ciao.


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