"2 for 1" Promo Open Daily Peri Peri Chicken Pork Free Roast Chicken Sausage & Mash Tuesday Special

Gravy Baby @ Bangsar – Tuesdays “2 for 1” promo. Awsome! (Pork Free)

Did you guys know of this promo ?? I did not.

The truth was, I had no intentions of visiting Gravy Baby anytime soon … at least till I get my finances in order. Let’s just say that me too, just like pretty much everyone else is suffering from the aftereffects of the MCO, especially in regards to cash flow. I loveeeeee the food here, it sure was delicious but what used to be affordable back in the day, I have to think twice before I indulge now … ugh!! Almost all the good stuff here cost at least 30 ringgit above and what is worse is that I had to meet up a client to discuss some proposals. It goes without saying that I’d be the one to pay the bill at the end of the day and damn, 70-ish ringgit gone in one seating was going to hurt. However, there was nothing much I can do though as Gravy Baby was where my client wanted to have lunch and what client wants, client gets, right?

**** Parking is free. There are several parking spots available within the vicinity of the restaurant itself, by the entrance.

So there I was all resign and accepting of my predicament until I was told of the Tuesday Promo they had going on. Say what????

Some facts about this promo:

This “2 in 1” promo is only available on a TUESDAY.

The name speaks for itself – you can order two dishes and pay for only one (the higher priced dish between the two).

The promo is all day long but limited only to certain parts of the menu, specifically – Steaks, Chicken and Plates … which by itself offers you an array of choices.

****** So, in simpler sense, considering most of the dishes are almost similar priced, you’d basically be paying half, almost 50% off the bill. This was an awesome deal. Without it, I would have ended up forking out more than 70 ringgit but with it, it cost me just 39 ringgit. Niceeeeee.


Sausage & Mash+ Peri Peri Chicken = 39 ringgit

I wanted something simple and so, I went with this dish. Sure, the dish only included sausages, mash potatoes and green peas but not only was it delicious, it was filling too. Those sausages were real good – chunky, meaty and it comes in two. The mash was smooth and buttery, topped with thick flavorful gravy. I was already full halfway through but I ended up finishing the whole plate, stuffing myself . I simple couldn’t resist.

The Peri Peri Chicken was lovely. You’d get a large piece of tender, juicy roasted chicken thigh. Eating it by itself was awesome but drizzling some of that mildly spicy, flavorful peri peri sauce all over and then eating it was simply heaven. Yummmmm. This dish comes with two sides, we opted for buttery mash and french fries.

Overall, food was delicious and customer service was great. We were at Gravy Baby for lunch and we were the only one there. This was perfect as it provided us with a conducive environment to talk business. It was rather surprising though that they were empty despite having an appealing, $$$-saving Tuesday promotion …. which leads me to believe that perhaps not many folks know of it. So, do take note folks because it sure is worth it.

Address: 6, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar.

Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 10 pm.

Contact Num.: 014 – 3570 359

Signing out now, Ciao


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