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Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo @ Ampang – Yup, it’s yummy.

Ampang is generally known its food offerings. Anything you want, specific cuisines, you can most probably find it here. When it comes to Yong Tau Foo in particular, you can find some of the best restaurants in this area too. One of them is Foong Foong. My fellow friends from this part of town recommended this eatery and online ratings as well as reviews were aligned with their positive opinions. It scored an average of 4/5 from over 1480 votes. It must be good and since I’ve got some time to spare today, off I went to Ampang.

From Jalan Gasing, PJ, it took me a good 25 – 30 minutes to reach the restaurant. Location wise, I think it is located in the inner parts of Ampang, specifically Kampung Baru Ampang. Life seem to be rather different here compared to KL. Where KL is fast paced, this part of town is pretty chilled. Sure, it is messy and all over the place but the folks here are pretty much relaxed and friendly. You’d find lots of old folks sitting around with their friends and simply “lepak blues.” It was a nice sight, a different scene from what I’m used.


The restaurant is pretty big and due to social distancing, there is plenty of space from one table to the next. If you come during lunch hour, I was told that it usually is full and you might end up having to wait. So, based on that, we arrived around 1.30 pm and by then, while most of the tables were occupied, there were empty tables available.


The kitchen here is located next to the dine in section. It has an open kitchen concept and cleanliness wise, it was clean and well maintained. Everything is done methodically here and so, despite being full house, food was still served rather quickly.



How to order. Firstly, you get yourself a table and with the table comes a table number, do take note of that number. You then head to the counter, provide your table number and place your order. Then, you wait for food to arrive, eat and then pay on your way out.

All Yong Tau Foo items are 1.60 ringgit each. A plate of vegetables (lettuce) is 8 ringgit.

** The guy at the counter was wearing a face mask and sometimes when he speaks, it may be unclear. For instance, when he said “order by piece”, I heard it as “order 5 piece”. So, in my head, I assumed that I was suppose to order a minimum of 5 pieces each of whichever items I was interested in. If my friend wasn’t there to correct me, I would have over ordered lots of stuff, lol.


Brinjal + Fried Dumpling + Fried Beancurd + Fried Tofu + White Tofu + Soup Dumpling = 28 ringgit with Vegetable (Lettuce), 8 ringgit

Yummmm! It was delicious. I especially loved the Fried Beancurd and Fried Dumpling. The outer layer was simply crispy and warm, tasty too. The inside of the dumpling, oooo the minced meat was da bomb. Soo delicious. The same thing can be said for the Soup Dumpling. Same in flavor, different in texture. Where the fried version is all crispy, the soup version is softer and moist, bigger in size too. I liked the fact that none of the items were dripping in oil. The brinjal was enjoyable. Especially when dipped in the sweet sauce they provided on the side. I’ve got no complains. I’d certainly be back for more in the near future.


Address: 621, Jalan Merdeka Kampung Baru Ampang, Ampang.

Opening hours: Mon, Wed to Sun, 9.15 am – 4.15 pm. Tuesdays Closed.


Signing out now, Ciao.


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