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Betty’s Midwest Kitchen @ Aman Suria, PJ – Pulled Pork Burger & Country Fried Chicken… Yummm

I discovered this eatery through my friend. Being an Aman Suria native, she she knows her food and what’s good in the area. So, we usually end up going with her suggestions because it has worked out well so far. This time, the bunch of us were supposed to have dinner here but that did not happen because they were fully booked. Bummer!! This got me curious though because if they were fully booked, it means they are good, right? I also took the liberty to check ratings online and yup, they scored highly there too with and average score of 4.2/5 from over 500 votes. It is worth a visit.

Based on this thought, I decided to try my luck again, this time on a Friday, after lunch hour … around 2.30 pm. Besides a table or two, my friend and I pretty much had the place to ourselves 🙂🙂 Yay!


Betty’s Midwest Kitchen is basically an American diner that offers you American comfort food. There’d be Adele crooning through the radio, some chatters here and there, people yapping away. It was a simple, no frills affair.




Set Lunch: Pulled Pork Burger, 19.90 & Country Fried Chicken, 24.90 ringgit


Set Lunch 1: Pulled Pork Burger + Soup of the day + Housemade Lemonade

The Pulled Pork Burger comes with coleslaw and fries. The burger was yummy. Most of the pulled pork burgers I’ve had are usually well shredded, the one here comes partly shredded and partly in chunks. It’s no problem though as while it differs in size, the texture was the same. It was a pretty simple burger with burger buns + shredded pork coated in sweet-ish BBQ sauce? + onions but was good. I suppose the simplicity was its appeal.

With the Set Lunch, you can choose between a side of salad or soup of the day and a glass of Housemade Lemonade for drinks. I opted for the soup which was Carrot and Ham Soup.  This isn’t one of those flimsy, watery soup with little filling, nope. It was filled with carrots and ham, just as it should be. The soup almost tasted like flavorful tomato soup but I don’t think it was. The combination of the soup and filling was tasty and sure is bound to fill you up. So, if you are a small eater or not that hungry, perhaps you are better off ordering the dishes ala carte, unless you intend to share. 

The Housemade Lemonade was cool and refreshing. It had just the right amount of  lemon zest and sugar.


Set Lunch 2: Country Fried Chicken + Salad + Housemade Lemonade


The Country Fried Chicken consisted of 2 pieces of fried chicken which consisted of a thigh and a drumstick as well as a side of mash potato and green peas. The fried chicken isn’t crispy and crunchy like KFC. It was fried but it had a more tender outer later. Inside, it was tender, juicy and warm as it came out freshly fried.  Flavorful and tasty too. The Mash was utterly delicious. It by itself was buttery and smooth ,,,, add in that thick, milky, sweet-ish gravy that is poured all over it …. it was da’ bomb! It wasn’t just me that loved it, another customer despite already having a serving of it while dining in, opted to order 3 more servings of it – takeaway. It was that good. No joke.

With this set lunch, we opted for the salad. It was a simple dish with lettuce + tomato and topped with mayonnaise. If you fancy a basic and simple salad, you’d get here. 


Address: 40 G, 46A, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sunday, 11.30 am – 3 pm, 5.30 am 9.45 pm. Mondays Closed. 

FB Page:

Contact Num.: 03 – 7880 0196


Signing out now, Ciao.






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