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Bar B @ Bukit Gasing, PJ – Pork Vindaloo, anyone?

The discovery of this bar was rather surprising actually. Why? I’ve been visiting Bukit Gasing regularly, at the very least every once in two weeks, for years. No, I do not live in the area but two of my favorite Indian restaurants are located here, hence the regular visit. However, in all those years, I’ve somehow missed the existence of Bar B.

Bar B and Merdekarya is basically one establishment. For a whole 7 years, it used to be just Merdekarya, which is a pork free bar that is also tagged as a ‘live music venue.’ It’s described as ‘an intimate, no frills bar and live music joint that holds gigs and open-mike nights with a pub grub menu.’ Apparently, loads of folks know of it. It is popular and highly rated online with an average score of 4.5/5 from over 400 votes. How on earth did I miss this??? I’ve been told that with the ending of MCo, they are planning to reopen Merdekarya in a few weeks, hopefully by next month. Yassssss! I am looking forward to dropping by for a visit sometime soon.

Bar B only came about 2 years ago. The same folks behind Merdekarya decided to extend part of the available space and create Bar B. Where Merdekarya is pork free, Bar B serves pork. It is a quaint, cute, small, cozy lil restaurant that is easily missed if you aren’t paying attention as it isn’t one of those that is easily detected by the eye, nor is it located in an area that you’d assume a restaurant should be.


So, where exactly is it?

It is technically by the roadside? The focus point should be Sun Raj Restaurant. It occupies a corner lot – the start of a row of shops….next to it is Resident Dental Clinic and so on. Bar B is located on the other side of Sun Raj, basically the side that faces the road.


Do you notice the motorbike behind the BMW? That is where you turn right, into the row of shops that has Sun Raj. Depending on which side of the road you are coming from, Bar B is located just before the turning into Sun Raj. As you can see, just before the BMW, somewhat hidden under the greens is Bar B. Now, they have made it more visible by putting the “Now Open” sign by the wall or else, it would be easily missed.

As you get closer, this is what the entrance look like …


and the inside …




Pork Vindaloo, 15 ringgit + The Tropika, 16 + Buah Hati, 12 ringgit

Have you guys checked out their drink section. The name of their drinks, I thought it was cute …Scandal Cekelat, Janji Kosong, Siapa Makan Cili, Kena Kaw Kaw ….. lol.

I decided to give their non alcoholic variety a try and ordered myself a mocktail called Buah Hati.


Buah Hati is made up of Pink Guava, Grenadine and Asamboi. It tasted nice, a lil too sweet for my liking but it was no biggie as once the ice melted for a bit, the problem solved by itself. It was nice and refreshing. If what you are looking is slightly thickened pink guava juice with a hint of tangy and bitterness from the asamboi, then Buah Hati is just the drink for you.


For lunch, we opted to try a burger and a rice dish – Pork Vindaloo.

If I were to close my eyes and taste this dish, I would not have guessed that this is a PORK Vindaloo. I most probably would have gone with Chicken or Mutton because that was what biting into the meat felt like but pork? Nope, it wouldn’t have crossed my mind. Sure was interesting.

The dish comes with yellow rice + Potato Perathal? + Pork Vindaloo + Cucumber, onion in yogurt. It was yummy. The pork was tender, dense and well cooked, it broke apart pretty quickly when cut into. The vindaloo gravy was flavorful and packed with spice. Having it with some rice and soft, flavorful potatoes…. oooo, yummy!


The Tropika is Bar B’s version of a chicken burger. If you fancy a no frills, simple chicken burger, the Tropika would be a good choice.

This dish consisted of a Burger with a side of fries. The burger itself is made up of a large homemade chicken patty with had plenty of flavor, topped with a good portion of caramelized onions, pineapples, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce and burger buns. I enjoyed this dish. It was a yummy burger.

Overall, I had a good time here. I wouldn’t mind dropping by again for another visit.


Address: 352 (Annexe), Jalan 5.57, Bukit Gasing, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 12 pm – 12 am. Mondays Closed.

FB Link:

Contact Num.: 016 – 207 1553


Signing out now, Ciao.


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