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Pork Pork Chui by Boon Signature Roast Pork @ SS 15, Subang Jaya – Okaylah

We had a brunch meeting in SS 15 today and once that ended, the two of us decided to have lunch at Pork Pork Chui. It is a new eatery, having only been in operation since March 2020. I very rarely venture into this particular area because the parking is a nightmare and depending on your time of visit, the area tends to get messy. So, if there are any eateries that I am interested in trying, I usually pay them a visit only if it coincides with an upcoming meetings, as is the case today.

Initially, when it came to Pork Pork Chui, I fully intended to lump it in the ‘just another restaurant’ category and give it a miss .. until I saw the ‘by Boon Signature Roast Pork’ part. Boon is a pretty popular eatery nestled in Damansara Jaya and serves up some yummy char siew rice and wan tan mee – Boon Signature Roast Pork @ Damansara Jaya – Delicious. Last time I was there, I remember enjoying the food and was looking to experience the same feeling here.



Look wise, it looked like any other restaurant? With Boon, I’d say that it has a modern, minimalist setting that was appealing. With Pork Pork Chui, it is a pretty basic set up. The difference is only evident if you have been to both the eateries. If you have not, I suppose it wouldn’t matter.

What would matter to lots of people would be the price point here. For a restaurant that is set up on the first floor as oppose to a ground floor and is pretty simple and basic in its interior, I cant fathom why all the dishes here cost more than whatever that is served in Boon, considering that it is pretty much the same items? There is at least a 3 ringgit increase in most of the dishes… why? If it is located in a more upscale area or if the restaurant projects a more fancier look, interior … I’d understand the increase but that isn’t the case here. So, I wonder why. Hmmm maybe it is due to the fact that they only use premium antibiotic free pork meat? Who knows …




Char Siew & Roast Chicken Rice, 14.90 + Roast Pork & Char Siew Wan Tan Mee, 15.90 ringgit.


The main attraction here is the roast pork, just as it is at Boon. Upon tasting it, I agree. It is yummy.

For the rice dish, we decided to go with the Char Siew & Roast Chicken combination. I loved the fact that they gave me a generous portion. The pork may come in only 5,6 pieces but each piece were thick and long, which meant that I get to enjoy more mouthsfull of it with rice. It was sweet and succulent. That sweet, black sauce was real nice. Just the rice + sauce + roast pork alone was delicious but I couldn’t resist adding in some chicken. The roast chicken was nice but it pissed me off, epicly. This is the first chicken rice shop that serves me chicken with this many bones. The bones weren’t even big or visible. It is small, tiny and there was just too many of it. Half of the chicken was made up of bones. I hated it. Everytime I chewed a piece of chicken, I had to spit it out because there were some tiny bones in it. It was overwhelmingly annoying. I wouldn’t order the chicken again. It is a hazard to my mouth, my gums, my teeth.

The Wan Tan Mee was pretty good. The noodles were okay .. the main star here would be the pork meat. The crack pork was awesome. The outer layer was cracky and crispy, the inner was chewy. Yummmm and the roast pork is similar to the ones I received with my rice. It was good.

Overall, the noodles were okay but the crack pork + char siew combo was awesome. As for the rice, the char siew was yummy but the chicken – I’d rather skip it. I most probably wouldn’t be back here for several reasons. One being that I do not ‘lepak’ in SS 15, nor do I live nearby. Secondly, the price point here is a tad too high for what and where I am eating. I’d return to Boon though. It is a lot more convenient for me, comparatively.


Address: 57 – 1 (first floor), Jalan SS 15/8A, SS 15, Subang Jaya.

Opening hours: Mon –Β  Sat, 11 am – 3 pm, 5 – 9 pm. Sundays Closed.


FB link:

Contact Num.: 03 – 5880 5075


Signing out now, Ciao.


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