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Sri Nyonya @ Seksyen 22, PJ – Awesome nyonya food (Pork Free)

Guys, the Nasi Ulam here is one of the best I’ve tasted in a loooooooong time. It is very goood. If you are fond of this particular dish, you’d enjoy it here. It is after all a crowd favorite at Sri Nyonya. However, if you end up not liking it – don’t ‘marah’ me kay. My commoner tastebuds is perhaps not up to par with your superior ones πŸ€ͺ

I’ve been travelling up and down this particular road for years, mostly as a short cut to Paradigm Mall during peak hours but I never knew this row of shops existed. Which particular road? Jalan 22 – the one along the graveyard? If you are on Federal Highway, you turn into Jalan Templer and pass Petronas on your right, Maybank on your left and eventually arrive at a roundabout. Take a 3 o’clock turn and you’d see a mosque, followed by a graveyard… yea, that whole stretch is called Jalan 22. In between the graveyards, there is a small road .. which you might miss if you are not familiar with the area. That road leads you into a full blown neighborhood with a row of shops.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been travelling up and down this road for years but all I saw was the graveyards. Who knew beyond that was a gem or two? This neighborhood is not only home to a popular Nyonya restaurant, it is also where ATS Curry House is – a roadside stall popular for their Mutton Curry, Briyani and Nasi Kandar. For this visit, we decided to indulge in some nyonya food. We intend to be back here soon to give the indian shop a go.






Nasi Ulam, 15 ringgit + Kerabu Lemak Sayur Paku, 18 ringgit + Chicken Curry Kapitan (M), 23 ringgit + Chai Por Omelette, 20 ringgit


Nasi Ulam
Kerabu Lemak Sayur Paku
Chai Por omelette
Chicken Curry Kapitan


‘Sedap’ oooooo 😍

The Nasi Ulam was da ‘bomb. It was flavorful, the taste of herbs was evident. I could eat it on its own, without the help of any gravies and etc. The Nasi Ulam was that good. Flavorful and tasty. I can understand why other folks love it too.

The Kerabu Lemak Sayur Paku is another crowd favorite. I’ve come across many restaurants serving Kerabu but this particular type of Kerabu? Rare. Mighty glad they serve it here. It was real good. I am pretty sure it is served as it usually is with coconut milk but once the milk and spices are all mixed up, it comes real close to a milky yogurt? A lil sweet, a lil tangy. It was very tasty overall. Loved it.

The Chicken Curry Kapitan was real good too. Thick, milky gravy with a perfect equilibrium between sweet and spicy. I literally slurped up half the gravy before the rice arrived. It was delicious. The chicken was soft, tender and juicy. There were about 5,6 medium pieces.

The omelette was an accidental order. We most probably would have given it a miss if we realized it would cost us 20 ringgit. However, since we overlooked the price unknowingly, we decided to go with their popular option – Chai Por. It was a large dish in terms of portion size. Not only was it big, it was thick too. So, do order it if you’ve got some space in your stomach because it sure is filling. The omelette tasted good. A little different from the usual omelette I’ve had elsewhere. If I am not mistaken, this particular dish comes with radish instead of onion. There were plenty of it scattered everywhere on the inner side of the egg.


Address: 14, Jalan 22/49, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: 12 pm – 2.30 pm, 6 pm – 9 pm. Mondays Closed.

FB Link:

Website Link:

Contact Num.: 03 – 7875 1031


Signing out now, Ciao.


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