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Sangat Punjabi Cuisine @ Paramount Garden, PJ – Good, affordable food. (Permanently closed)

When I was last in the area, I stumbled upon this restaurant. It was during a drive-by to Toast Bar, an eatery down the road that serves up some delicious toasties. Although I was headed elsewhere, I told myself that I’d be back to pay it a visit.

During my drive-by, at first glance, all I knew was that the restaurant was named Sangat and based on the way the name was written on the sign board (with Hindi,Sanskrit influence) – I assumed that they serve Indian food here. It was a good guess because they do indeed serve Indian cuisine, in particularly Punjabi food.



I kindda liked the simple, white set up they had going on. The interior was a no frill, nothing over the top, elegant concept. Customer service was good. They were friendly and welcoming. Accommodating too. I had a conference call to take and so, I requested that they turn down the music for about 10 minutes. It was either that or me having to run back to my car in the heavy rain. Glad that they were nice enough to agree without much fuss. Thanks πŸ™‚




Garlic Cheese Naan, 8 ringgit + Plain Naan, 2 ringgit + Masala Chicken, 10 ringgit + Bindi Paneer Masala, 12 ringgit

Ooo man, the Garlic Cheese Naan was sooo goooood! It felt like I was eating an Indian Pizza, lol. There were plenty of things I loved about this roti. One being that the roti as a whole was somewhat thick but dense, a soft texture. Secondly, there were quite a bit of cheese filling and more than a generous portion of garlic sprinkled on the top. It was really good. It was one of those dishes that I can have it in its own. I didn’t need any gravies to go with it. If you like this particular naan, then this is a must try, guys.


The Plain Naan was nice too. It had a similar texture to the garlic cheese naan. All soft and warm. A perfect dish to have with the Chicken Masala and Bindi Paneer Masala.


This dish was a win- win for both my friend and I. Why? Well, because I dislike okra and love paneer while my friend loves okra and is impartial to paneer. So, this works perfectly for us as the paneer goes to me and the okra, my friend. The main reason why I utterly dislike bindi is because of the glue- like sticky texture of its inside. It grosses me out. Guess what though, I actually liked the bindi here. My first try was a very reluctant one, lol. Friend insisted that I give it a try. To appease, I did and I surprised myself by liking it. No sticky mess here. It tasted awesome. The bindi itself was cooked perfectly. It was well seasoned and flavored. The masala was evident. Overall, an awesome dish. The paneer and bindi was yummy. I can’t believe I am saying this but I’d order this dish again. I still do dislike bindi/okra wholeheartedly but sometimes there are exceptions and this particular dish may be one of them.


The Chicken Masala was very nice. Thick, flavorful gravy. They were nice enough to ask how spicy I wanted the dish to be and I opted for spicy. In terms of heat/hotness, it was moderate. Nothing most of us can’t handle. The spices though, that I love. You would be able to taste the masala. There were about 4,5 pieces of medium sized tender chicken. Loved it. A perfect dish to go with a naan.


Overall, I had an awesome experience here. Besides the food being tasty and delicious, I liked that it has a ‘homecooked’ feel, there is authenticity in its taste. I’d be back for another visit.


Address: No. 59 A, Jalan 20/7, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. 10 am – 10 pm.

FB Link:

Contact Num.: 011 6997 1735


Signing out now, Ciao.



    1. That’s sad. Food was really good. It sucks that they closed so soon after they opened. Bad timing, I guess. Thank you for the update πŸ™‚

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