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Chechi Banana Leaf @ Brickfields – Pretty good, affordable Indian food.

One thing about Brickfields is that there will never be a shortage of Indian food, lol. Everywhere you turn, there’d be at least one restaurant if not many. South Indian? North Indian? Ceylonese? Vegetarian? ‘Kedai tepi jalan’? Something a lil more fancy? ‘Semua pun ada’ in Brickfields. So, it is no surprise when I say that whenever the craving strikes, Brickfields is almost always where we head to for some Indian food.

As we were driving around, we saw Chechi’s and my friend got all excited. I think what he specifically said was “Dey, new Malayalee restaurant weiii. Come go.” Ummm, malayalee? How did he guess the specific form of Indian cuisine simply by looking at a restaurant? Well, from its name – Chechi, which is specifically a Malayalee term in reference to an elder sister…. similar to the word ‘kakak’ in Malay. I’ve always been a lover of this cuisine and so, lunch today is at Chechi’s lah.  Upon eating though, this is not a Malayalee specific eatery. It serves the usual South Indian variety. In a way, the restaurant name misled us, lol. We arrived fully intending to eat Malayalee food but it was not a big deal as food was tasty.

The restaurant is new, officially opened doors just last week. It is located at the corner of Brickfields where most of the temples are, specifically opposite Ghandi’s, occupying a corner lot. Before Chechi, this used to be Delhi Snacks Cafe.





Chicken Banana Leaf Set, 8.50 ringgit + Mutton Banana Leaf Set, 9.90 ringgit


Chicken Set
Mutton Set


What each set consist of is clearly stated in the Menu. I liked the fact that besides rice, they also offer you chapati as an option. So, to those of you who wants to skip the rice, perhaps you are on a diet or simply prefer something lighter – chapati is great. With that in mind, we ordered the Chicken Set with rice and the Mutton, with chapati which comes in twos.

For the meat, you’d get to choose the one you like from the available options. For instance, during my time of visit, parathal and varuval were available for both. We decided to go for varuval each.The meat was flavorful, tender and meaty. The mutton was well cooked, I did not have to spend a crazy amount of time on just one piece of meat, chewing and chewing, waiting for it to break apart. Nope, not the case here lol. It was a breeze. For the chicken, we requested for breast meat and they delivered. It was a ‘no hassle’ lunch. Everything was there on the set, all arriving at one time. So, we all ate and finished at the same time.

Overall, it was a nice experience. They were full house for lunch but food arrived rather quickly. Customer service was good. However, I most probably would not be back here simply because one of my favorite Indian restaurant and stall is located just down the road. Been visiting them for years, weekly, love the food there, there already is a connection, we’ve built a rapport. Since it is located pretty close to Chechi’s, naturally I’d head there. That is not to say food here isn’t good .. it is tasty and flavorful, new too. I simply fancy familiarity.


Address: 1-2, Lorong Padang Belia, off Jalan Tun Sambathan 3, Brickfields.

Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 11 pm

FB Link:

Contact Num.: 011 – 2617 4522


Signing out now, Ciao.


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