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Kings Hall by Cafe in a Box @ Seksyen 13, PJ – Pj’s newest/latest hidden cafe? (Pork free)

I honestly didn’t know where to head to for lunch this time. So, I went online and decided to scour the internet for some help. Eventually, Kings Hall popped up. Truthfully, they have been popping up plenty of late, I always kept postponing a visit because work kept piling up but yea, of late, there seem to be an increase of folks tagging and posting photos of their visit here on social media.

Since I had some time to spare and was in the mood to ‘kepo’, I dragged my friend along to pay Kings Hall a visit.

I liked it, a lot. You would too if you like big, spacious warehouse-like eateries that comes accompanied with its own rich history. There is something about ol’ school buildings, it simply brings out that nostalgic feel. It doesn’t matter if it’s repainted and redesigned to look nice and pretty, the fact that it is located on a spot where something old used to be, it automatically brings out the feels.

What’s the history here, you ask? Kings Musical Industries, yawww and it goes back all the way to 1949.


.. and to all you audio fanatics, I bet you’d be able to recognize a STUDER a mile away….


Okay, moving on …


As I mentioned earlier, I love how spacious the eatery was. The cafe was designed in a manner that allowed for a well spread out seating. The counter and kitchen occupied the middle and the area surrounding it were all available to customers. There were long tables, small tables, sharing tables –  plenty of options to accommodate everyone.

Location: I was initially at Jaya Shoping Centre and from there, Kings Hall was pretty close by, barely 7 minutes way. Somewhere in there, there is a factory/ industrial area? Yup, that is where this cafe is located. If you guys know Movida or Centrestage? It is basically the area just behind this particular building.

Parking: This was super easy as there were plenty available. The cafe is pretty much the single occupant on this particular lot and surrounding it were available parking spots, free of charge. It is a big space, so there are plenty.




Dry Udon, 15.80 ringgit + Japanese Curry Rice, 18.80 ringgit


Ummm, the food was honestly a let down. There were plenty of positive reviews online on how yummy the food here was but perhaps we ended up ordering the least popular dish on the Menu? I don’t know but it is fair to say that I ain’t ordering these two dishes again.

Lets start with the Dry Udon, shall we?


It looks yummy, ey? It consisted of udon + soft boiled egg + bonito flakes + sauteed mushroom + cucumber. I loveee bonito flakes and I was served plenty here, yay! Super excited I was and wasted no time mixing up all the ingredients. As always, the soft boiled egg was meant to work as a gel/glue to hold all the other ingredients together. It was nice and yummy for only the first 5 seconds. Why? Well, the Dry Udon became a soupy mess real quick.

Take a look at how much liquid there is underneath. 



Seriously. Where is the “dry” udon? This was one soupy disappointment. The entire taste and flavor of the dish got drowned out due to the soup. What is the point of the soft boiled egg? There is nothing to ‘glue’ together because all it was was a slippery, watery mess. The distinct taste of bonito flakes was muted down to almost nothing. It was drowning in the soup. In the end, it felt like I was eating udon with watery, almost flavorless soup and paid 15.80 ringgit for it. A let down, totally.



The Japanese Curry Rice was okay. This was definitely a better dish than the udon but I suppose with both of us already disappointed, it was kindda hard to change the negative mood. Unless the next dish was exceptionally good, which wasn’t the case here, we were unlikely to change our minds. As mentioned previously, perhaps we ordered the least popular dish on the menu.

Overall, minus the food, I like the feel of this cafe. It is an awesome place to meet friends, have a non formal meeting or even spend some time alone. I’d be open to revisiting Kings Hall. I simply need to make better choices when ordering the food though, lol.


Address: Lot 5, Jalan 13/2, Pjs 13, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. 9 am – 7 pm.

FB Link: https://m.facebook.com/KingsHallCafe/


Signing out now, Ciao.


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