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Kadei by Manchula @ Taman Megah, PJ – Good stuff

I visited this new restaurant a few days ago. It was its name that caught my eye. If I am not mistaken, Kadei in Tamil has the same meaning to Kedai in Malay? In this context, it specifically means a restaurant, I guess. The other thing that caught my eye was the cheerful, colorful exterior …

Just over a month old, Kadei serves us Indian food – everything from thosai, roti canai, sweet appam to banana leaf rice.

While I fully intended to simply have a thosai for brunch, something light to get me going till my late lunch meeting later in the day … who can resist banana leaf rice, right? Certainly not me, lol. I ended up having exactly that, lol.

Banana Leaf Rice, RM 8.50 + Chicken Varuval, RM 8.50

The food was yummy. There were four different vegetables that came with the banana leaf rice meal. I especially was a fan of the tauhu sambal. It was spicy with a tad of sweetness. I loved it and clearly others did too because by the time I went for my second serving, it was finished. That sucked for about 5 seconds because in its place, I got mashed pumpkin instead which is another favorite of mine .. so, it was all good. The other three vegetables were ladies fingers, cabbage and cucumber. I liked the curry too. I opted for chicken curry in particular and it was tasty, flavorful and most importantly, not diluted. For meat, I requested for chicken varuval and was given some meaty, chunky pieces …yessss!!! It was yummy. Overall, I had a delicious, fulfilling banana leaf rice meal at Kadei. Burp!!

Address: 28, Jalan SS 24/18, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. Mondays to Thursday, 7 am – 11 pm. Fridays to Sundays, 7 am – 10 pm.

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Signing out now, Ciao.


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