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Creem Artisan Dessert Bar @ Sec. 17, PJ – The new kid on the block (Pork free)

Creem is one of the latest/newest F&B addition to Section 17. Which part in particular? The row of shops with Strangers at 47 and Kanna Curry House in it… yup, that one. Creem is located a few doors away from Omulab. If I am not mistaken, this cafe is just over 2 weeks old. They may be new but they seem to be doing very well. We dropped by during lunch hour and it was crowded, almost fully occupied. Good for them.

As its name suggest, this is mostly a dessert cafe but just in case you are not in the mood for desserts, they also offer main meals … bread, burger, big breakfast.


Lemon Cream Cheese Cake, RM 12 + Chilli Salted Egg Sausage & Scramble Egg, RM 26

I was in the mood for a slice of cake. Although they do offer the fancier artisinal option, I simply wanted something simple, a slice of cake. In regards to this, I had about 5 choices – Tiramisu, Peanut Butter Truffle bars, Earl Grey cake and the one I decided on, Lemon Cream Cheesecake. This cake was a combination of two different textures. The top is lightly creamy, you’d taste cheese with lemon zest. The bottom was as dense as a sugee cake would be, pretty dense. The combination of both though was nice. I liked it. It was not too heavy and neither was it too sweet, it was just right.

Believe it or not, we had some difficulties with this dish, specifically in regards to our scramble egg. When it comes to both of us, we like our scramble eggs runny and we are very particular about this. This was why we specifically repeated ‘we want our eggs RUNNY’ twice. In fact, the lady that took our order asked us what did we mean by runny and we said … not well done, not overcooked, should be soft and gooey.

When our dish arrived, the eggs were not runny despite us repeating it twice. What it was was overcooked, made up of hard chunks. So, we called the lady that took our order and pointed out that the eggs were not runny. To our surprise, her response to that was ‘hehehe’ and she walked away. For the next 5 seconds, both of us looked at one another and were having a WTF moment. She walked away? For real? Yesssss, for real. That summed up the conversation that was going on in our head before we called her back and told her to redo our eggs, repeating 2 more times that we want our eggs runny.

So, all in all, we repeated it 4 times. It did not even occur to her to apologize for the error or to ask if we wanted it redone … she simply intended to walk away and what? We eat overcooked eggs and pay 26 ringgit for it?? and oh, lets not forget the 3 + ringgit on service tax you’d charge me. Nope, no way. She took the plate back to the chef and then came back to our table again to ask ‘what do we mean by runny’ …again. It seemed rather bizarre to me that one offers scramble eggs on their menu and not be well versed with the several versions it comes in. If this was a kopitiam, then sure, we eat what they make without a fuss but at a cafe, we are allowed to be specific because we generally end up paying more for it. To me, scramble eggs are like steaks. In the Menu, they do not tell you what your options are but it is universally known that you can have it medium rare and well done. Same goes to scramble eggs, universally known that you can have your eggs runny, well done and etc. So, what is the deal here? They do not know how to make runny scramble eggs? The redone version had a texture that resembled custard. At that point, we were tired and it was rather obvious that they were struggling to grasp the concept of runny scramble eggs, we gave up and ate what we were given.

Anyways, putting aside the scramble egg blunder, the dish overall was pretty good. The rest of the items on the plate was tasty. There was one long chicken sausage – Chili Salted Egg Sausage. I did not get much of the salted egg flavor, it was mild. The chili part though, I did. To me, it was some sort of spicy gravy that provided the sausage with an ‘extra kick’. I liked it. There was also a generous portion of lightly fried potato that was cut into very small pieces. It was nicely flavored too. I liked that the potatoes were served this way rather than wedges. I get to enjoy small bits of it. There was also medium sized mushrooms and tomatoes, as well as a slice of sourdough bread. Overall, a pretty good dish if you are not particular about your eggs. We were and so, we were a tad disappointed.

Address: 19, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya.

Opening Hours: Mon, Wed – Fri, 11 am to 9 pm. Saturdays, 10 am to 9 pm. Sundays, 10 am to 8 pm. Tuesdays Closed

FB Link:

Contact Num.: 012 – 305 8901

Signing out now, Ciao.


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