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Nian Dai Kopidiam @ Setapak – Perhaps of the best kopitiams in this side of town? Impressed. 😍😍

So, one of our blog readers suggested we give this kopitiam a try. Thank you, for without your suggestion, we most probably would have been oblivious of its existence. Setapak is not an area my friends and I hang out at and so, unless it is regularly making the rounds on social media, I would not have known of this eatery. So, thank you πŸ™πŸ™

The first thing I did prior to my visit was check out the Google rating on this eatery. If I am not mistaken, Nian Dai has only been open for a year now and to rake up an average score of 4.5 / 5 from over 500 reviewers is quite an achievement. Besides blog postings, we check Google ratings regularly because it provides insights. It is something we do before visiting any restaurant. So, we quickly noticed that this kopitiam managed to gain an insane number of reviewers within the short time they have been operating. There are well loved cafes and restaurants that has been around for years and still not have this many reviewers and a high average score. That was telling. It definitely got me all excited to give Nian Dai a try because who can resist a good kopitiam, right? Certainly not me, lol.

Nian Dai is located within a row of shops, in a new retail block. We have been to this area once prior, to visit Kelate Kitchen – Kelate Kitchen @ Setapak – Good, affordable Kelantanese food (Halal) . This restaurant is located opposite the road from this kopitiam. In case you guys are interested in some Nasi Dagang, can give it a go at Kelate Kitchen.

Parking: As mentioned above, the kopitiam is located in a new retail space. There is a bubble tea shop, a sushi restaurant and several other F&B outlets. It is a block by itself and surrounding this block, there are parking spots available, for free. There isn’t many though, so you most probably have to end up doing several rounds around the block before you come across a vacant spot. Many folks park by the roadside but be warned though, you might “kena saman.”

Nian Dai is new, modern kopitiam with a touch of old schoolness. I liked it. It obviously is a well loved eatery. We spent quite some time there and noticed that people kept coming and going, on constant rotation. Definitely not short in customers.


** if the Menu image above is unclear, Nian Dai’s FB page also displays the Menu.

Carrot Cake, RM 7.90 + Laksa, RM 12.90 + Kampung Fried Rice, RM 9.90 + Cendol, RM 5.90

Guys, food was real good. Usually when you order several dishes, one dish may be very nice and yummy while the others may just be okay, right? That is not the case here. All the dishes were very tasty.

The Carrot Cake was da bomb. It tasted like char kuey teow, flavor-wise, which I loved. A generous portion size, with plenty of taugeh and egg. Most importantly, it was not soaked in oil. Yay!

The Curry Laksa was delicious too, comes in a generous portion size. There were lots of noodles + siew yok + pork balls + fuchuk + taugeh + tauhu + long beans + brinjal. The curry broth is somewhat thick, is flavorful. Overall, an awesome dish.

The Kampung Fried Rice was very good. I especially loved the charred/slightly burned aftertaste that I’d get after each mouthfull. So good! The dish came with plenty of anchovies, seafood and again, a generous portion of rice. It was very tasty. The two sticks of satay that came on the side with sweet satay sauce poured all over only made the whole dish even better. Overall, a “sedap” simple dish. Burp!!

By the time we were done with the three dishes above, we were full but we were not ready to say goodbye yet, lol…. not before having dessert. We ordered the Cendol and I guess it is no surprise that even the dessert was da bomb. There was a good shaved ice to ingredients ratio. So, even if the ice melts, the overall flavor/taste isn’t diluted. First mouth in, you’d immediately be able to taste the gula melaka and as you dig in, you’d find plenty of red beans. It has been a while since I’ve last had cendol and I am glad to have had it here. Loved it.

I had a good time here. It is definitely worth a return. I am looking forward to it.

Address: G2, Jalan 3/23/D, Setapak 33, Setapak.

Opening hours: Everyday, 10 am – 10 pm.

FB Link:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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