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Sardaarji @ Jalan Raja Chulan, KL – Yummy Punjabi food

I’ve been craving for North Indian food ever since one of my recent favorite – Sangat @ Paramount Garden, decided to close shop for good within months after it opened. Sure, there were other old favorites I can fall back on but I was in the mood to explore something new. So, I started scrolling around online and eventually came across a post on Facebook. A friend who is a Punjabi, basically said that a friend of hers introduced her to Sardaarji and food was very good. If I am interested in Punjabi food and a Punjabi said food was good here, I’d take their word for it. We generally have high standards when it comes to our own cuisine, right?

There weren’t much reviews online on this particular restaurant, which indicated that it was new? Usually, I’d wait till the reviews increase in number so that i can decide whether it is worth a visit or not, based on whether there was more positive or negative reviews. Since the craving is rather strong though, I decided to take my chances and just go for it.

** I used Waze to head to Sardaarji and it seemed to be wrongly tagged. It will lead you to the area where the restaurant is located but the specific row is wrongly tagged. So, switch to Google Maps when that happens and that would lead you right to it.

If I am not mistaken, I think this restaurant opened doors just before MCO. Talk about timing, eh? Besides the presense of 3 other families, we had the place all to ourselves which was awesome for us because the last thing I wanted was to sit in a crowded restaurant.

Customer service was great. We were attended to very quickly. The specific waiter that took our order, he was soft spoken and very polite. Whenever we needed suggestions, he was helpful. Food arrived pretty fast, one after another.

While waiting for food to arrive, I was watching the TV . The channel it was on, it seemed like it was MTV but the Punjabi version. I always viewed Punjabi folks in a certain way and watching this channel, it was rather enlightening. I am only familiar with Hindi movies, Bollywood – the glitz and glamor, the style, the dance, the fashion .. I always thought these guys were cool. Then, seeing this Punjabi channel here made me realized that punjabis are equally as cool. I know they are not the same but similar, I guess.


Paneer Parotha, RM 7.90 + Palak Paneer, RM 13.90 + Mogul Chicken Biryani, RM 14.90

I liked the food, it was delicious. For the roti, we decided on a parotha, specifically paneer parotha. The paneer filling was generous and well spread. It wasn’t just focused in the mid section but also spread out to all the corners and sides. So yea, I had the paneer filling from the start till the end. A fact I was happy with. I ate the parotha on its own, it was tasty enough. If I were to order a roti again, the paneer parotha would be a good choice.

We ordered the Palak Paneer because both of usually enjoy this dish. Why? because it includes two of our favorite ingredients – cottage cheese and spinach. The spinach because it is always in a puree form with this dish, also acts as a gravy to the biryani we had. It was well spiced, thick and had plenty of paneer cubes in it. A good dish.

The Mogul Chicken Biryani was delicious. It was made up of long grained steamed Basmati rice that was soft and flavorful. You’d be able taste the spices, smell it too. The aroma was divine. There were about 4 pieces of chicken? It was soft, meaty and well flavored. The dish was accompanied by a side of yogurt and dhal.

Overall, food was good. I had a good time here. However, I most probably would not drop by as much as I would like because of the distance. It took me almost 20 minutes to get to Sardaarji. So, this eatery would most probably be one of those I’d consider if I am in the area.

Address: No. 3, Jalan Tiong Nam, off Jalan Raja Laut, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday, 10 am – 10 pm

FB Link:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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