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8c’s The Central Kitchen @ Jalan Anggor, Old Klang Road – New, hidden and delicious? Yess!😍 (Pork free)

So, I will get straight to the point. If you are in the mood for what is mentioned in the heading, then 8c will satisfy you just fine.

New – yup, it is only a MONTH old.

Hidden – yes, along Jalan Anggor, which I did not know existed. Where exactly is it? If you are along the Old Klang Road main road, you’d need to take the next left turn after you pass Avantas Residence. It is a narrow road that leads you into a neighborhood with some older shoplots and houses. I suppose if you do not live in the area, it would be very easy to miss the existences of Jalan Anggor. It is one of those old school neighborhoods that has been there for decades and yet, remained untouched by the developement that is constantly taking place surrounding it.

Delicious – heck yea, food was very good.

** if you are using WAZE to get here, do type in “8c Jalan Anggor” and it will lead you right to it. Keep in mind that there is ‘The Central Kitchen’ in Kuchai Lama and so, if you use that as a point of reference, it will NOT lead you to 8c.

8c’s The Central Kitchen is a part of Limapulo… yes the one located in The Row, KL. So, rest assured you’d be eating good Nyonya food here too.

In case you have not already figured it out, it is called 8c because it is located in lot number 8c.

We visited during lunch hour and despite the CMCO, it was full house. I don’t know about the rest but I certainly needed a breather, a short time away from home. Spending 60 hours straight in one place has turned my head a lil wonky. Heading out for lunch was a much needed relief. We had to wait for about 10 mins before we were seated.

As you can see from the images above, there is both indoor and outdoor seating. The day was nice, it was bright, breezy and would have been awesome to have seated outside but I was accompanied by a lady friend who was all dolled up and didn’t want her hair to turn a mess and so, inside it was.

This eatery was colorful, has character. It has an old school, homely feel to it. I guess the antique pieces placed at all corners of 8c only enhances the feel. It certainly provided a different experience from most of the other cafes and restaurant I’ve been to. Both of us enjoyed the ambiance tremendously. Considering 8c is just a month old, it is pretty clear that it is a crowd favorite. So, do expect a rather jovial environment with lots of chatter and laughter.


Nyonya Laksa, RM 12 + Malaysia famous Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken, RM 12

Oooo my gawd. Food was very good. The Nyonya Laksa especially, da bomb yawww. The broth was thick and flavorful. It was spicy but not in a way that makes your nose runny or you excessively sweating. It was perfect. I couldn’t get enough of their cili sambal, requested for top up several times. The dish came with a good portion of mee + mee hoon, tauhu, chicken strips, cucumber, egg. Yummy it was. I enjoyed this a whole lot. Most definitely will reorder.

The Nasi Lemak was yummy too. I wanted to try it with their fried chicken because my friend recommended it and a review I read online also suggested the same thing. However, it was sold out by the time we arrived. So, we went with the other option – curry chicken. It was good. I’ve got no complains, the curry was lovely, there were several potatoes and chicken, the meat was soft and tender. It was a perfect combination with the nasi lemak.

Both my friend and I had a good time here. Food was good and affordably priced, the ambiance was awesome, customer service was good. I’d be back for sure.

Address: 8c, Jalan Anggor, Old Klang Road.

Opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 12 pm – 8 pm. Sundays Closed.

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Online order link:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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