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Foo Kee @ Desa Sri Hartamas – Yummy

My friend and I finally got ourselves a much needed haircut. Lets just say our hair were just tooo shaggy and all over the place, it did not look remotely appealing. Ugghh. Anyways, once that was done and over with, we headed to have lunch a few doors away, at Foo Kee.

Foo Kee opened doors early this year, specifically January 2020. It is basically a modern version of a typical Chinese coffeeshop. A restaurant that has several stalls in it … Fried Kuey Teow, Prawn Mee, Wan Tan Mee, Curry Mee and etc.

It was clean and well kept, brightly lit. Do expect a crowd during lunch hour. Foo Kee seem to be a crowd favorite, especially for among folks working in the area. Parking was rather difficult. If you are familiar with the area, I am sure you’d agree with me that getting a parking spot here, especially during peak hours is quite the challenge. We ended up rounding the area four times before we got lucky.

Fried Kuey Teow, RM 7.50 (L) + Wan Tan Mee, RM 8 (L)

The food was tasty. We initially planned to share a bowl of Kampar Curry Mee and Prawn Mee but sadly, by the time we arrived at 1 pm, it was sold out. Bummer. So, we went for Fried Kuey Teow and Wan Tan Mee instead. The kuey teow was evidently a popular choice among the folks here because the cook was going at it non stop. We did not have to wait long for our dish though, just a little over 10 minutes. Both the dishes were nice. The fried noodles weren’t overly spicy, had a nice flavor to it. The dish included some medium sized prawns, fishcakes and taugeh. As for the Wan Tan Mee, I liked the springy-ness of the noodles. Overall, a decent dish.

If I am in the area again in the near future, I do not mind dropping by again. Some time earlier this time perhaps, hopefully then I’d be able to try their Kampar Curry Mee and Prawn Mee.

Address: 28, Jalan 27/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas.

Opening hours: Daily. 7 am – 3 pm.

FB Link:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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