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Nong Kwan Restaurant @ Taman Desa, Seputeh – Curry Wan Tan Mee da’ Bomb!

This was my first time visiting Nong Kwan after a very long time. Yes, I have been here before, ages ago, during dinner and lets just say that I was not impressed at all. It left a lasting impression that I never bothered returning, lol. The only reason I ended up here again was because I was accompanying my friend for lunch as he wanted to eat the curry noodle dish here.

So, there I was tagging along albeit reluctantly. As soon as I reached the restaurant, I noticed immediately that since my last visit, they’ve since added some stall. Now, it is a chinese shop with several stalls in it – pan mee, wan tan mee, tom yum, yong tau foo, mixed rice. It certainly offers more variety than it did before.

Wan Tan Curry Mee, RM 10

This dish was really good. It would have cost us RM 8 but we decided to add on some char siew, hence the additional 2 ringgit. The curry was thick and flavorful, a good portion of curry chicken, springy wan tan noodles with some char siew and tauhu. I wouldn’t usually go for this dish as I am more of a dry wan tan mee fan but my friend ordered this dish and sort of tempt me into trying it and yea, lets just say I ended up eating half of it. Delicious it was. The stall folks were real nice and friendly too. It was two sisters manning the stall with their mother ‘lepaking’ on the side.

They also sell some homemade savoury pulut. I cant recall the specific Chinese term used in reference to this but yea, it was savoury instead of sweet pulut.

The overall taste was yummy. The texture of the pulut was just right, not too soft and stick, neither was it to chewy. The saltyness was spot on, just enough to provide some taste. With some nuts, homemade sambal and spring onions, this savoury pulut was tasty. A SMALL packet would cost you RM 4.

Tom Yum Soup with noodles (Seafood), RM 12

This dish was pretty good. I went with the seafood option, hence why it cost me 12 ringgit. You’d get loads of clams, some squids and about 3 pieces of large prawns. The tom yum soup had a good flavor to it and it was neither too thick nor diluted/watery. My noodle of choice was mee hoon + mee, which made a good addition to the soup.

Overall, both dishes were tasty. I liked the Curry Wan Tan Mee the best though. That dish was da’ bomb. I’d certainly be back for more.

Address: No. 44 A, Jalan Desa Bakti, Taman Desa. (Next to Dribble Pub & Bistro)

Opening hours: To be confirmed

Signing out now, Ciao.


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