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Captain Shrimp @ PJ – Tasty stuff πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Guess who decided to feed us lunch today? Captain Shrimp yawwwww! They are an online food delivery service that focuses on American, TexMex cuisine. So, if you are thinking Taco… Nachos… Quesadillas and anything else along those lines – look no further, Captain Shrimps’ got you covered.

Best part is, they are OPEN for delivery till 2 am with a cut off ordering time between 11.45 pm – 12 am. I dont know about you guys but I personally think that this is great news, especially now that most restaurants are closed by 10 pm. Beside the usual fast food – KFC, McD and etc, ,everything else ‘tutup kedai’. So, if you aren’t in the mood to indulge in those limited options, there is pretty much nothing else. With Captain Shrimp though, when midnight strikes and tummys start rumbling, I can still get my dose of quesadillas and calamari rings, pizza delivered to me beyond 12 am. YassssssπŸ™‚

They cater to anyone. From individials to large groups. If you find yourself all alone for the day and you don’t know what to eat, there are lots of options with Captain Shrimp or if your friends suddenly decided to drop by and it ends up being a mini get-together, deciding on what to eat can be quite the hassle. However, if you are up for some TexMex cuisine, Captain Shrimp can handle that too. As they have their own delivery service, things would be more orderly? Especially with food arrival time and etc. As soon as an order goes through, someone from the team will get in touch and provide you with an estimated delivery time. As food is prepared only upon order, food usually arrives within 30-45 minutes.

A quick check on their rating on Google does indicate a positive impression – a 4.8/5 average scoring from over 130 voters. Food must be pretty awesome, ey?


Choices, choices, choices, plenty to choose from. We eventually decided on 4 dishes. All dishes were MEDIUM sized, which was more than enough to feed 3 individuals each. It was well packed/packaged with tin foil, which was helpful because it retains heat, so by the time the delivery was in progress and the dishes finally arrived at our doorstep, it was still warm.

1) Spicy Chicken Quesadilla

This dish was my favorite. It embodied everything I wanted – cheezy, creamy, flavorful. As with almost all quesadillas, it felt like I was eating a gooey-er version of a yummy pizza, to me atleast. With the Medium size, there were 7 pieces of quesadillas. Besides the fact that it tasted nice, I liked that each piece had a nice portion of chicken filling and cheese, so with every mouth you take, you are guaranteed to be getting something.

2) Fried Calamari Rings

A good portion of medium sized fried Calamari rings. I must say, this was the first time I’ve been served dish dish with curry leaves. Interesting. Tastewise, it was pretty good, chewy on the inside and crispy/crunchy on the outside. Good enough to eat on its own but I enjoyed it best after dunking it into the sauces that was provides, especially the Garlic Sauce. Oooo yum!

Speaking of sauces …. I received 4 types – Garlic Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Chili Sauce and Thousand Island.

The Garlic Sauce was my favorite, yummmmmm! I can literally have it with anything. It went well with all the dishes.

3) Nachos Chicken Pizza

This dish was a good mix between pizza base, Nachos, chicken, cheese, pickles and tomato sauce. All ingredients were equal in portion, so you wouldnt feel as if some of it is more than the other. I was a weirdo, preferred eating it cold rather than warm, my share of the dish was eaten after it spent some time in the fridge. I like it that was because things get crispy-er and chewy-er. Eaten warm or cold, it was tasty.

4) Outrageous Beef Tacos

For the MEDIUM size, it includes 3 beef tacos. Consistent with most of their dishes, there was a good portion of filling here too. They stuff the tacos by the very least up to 3/4 of its size. The dish as a whole was yummy, there was a contrast of flavors. A heaty pepper-ish taste from the minced beef, toned down by the mayo mustard sauce which created a creamy somewhat sweet with a good dose of pepper. Depending on which side of the tacos you bite into, there is contrasting flavors on the receiving end. I personally liked the pepper laden minced meat and so, I ended up munching into that before having it with the bread. Yes, there was enough filling to go around, as I said, the portions are generous.

Food was good, overall an awesome experience. I’d definitely consider ordering food from Captain Shrimp again. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Opening hours: 10 am to 2 am (for delivery). Last call/ last order between 11.45 pm – 12 am.

To order, do whatsapp to 016 – 2505891


visit their website :

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Signing out now, Ciao.


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