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Capitol Cafe @ Bukit Bintang – A kopitiam I didn’t know existed. Yumm! (Halal meat)

As per the heading, did you guys know of Capitol Cafe? I did not, not until someone wrote to us to tell us that this kopitiam is worth a visit. (Thanks to Koh for the suggestion)

Where is it located? Along Jalan Sultan Ismail. I pass by this road regularly but somehow, I’ve missed the existence of this kopitiam. Most probably because it is somewhat hidden?? Jalan Sultan Ismail is a very busy road and this kopitiam is located off that busy road, a side road. There is a turning to the right that can very easily be overlooked. Know where KL Journal Hotel is? Yea, directly opposite it, across the road, is a bunch of office buildings, right? Just before those buildings, youd see Maybank in the corner and that is where the turning to this kopitiam is. As much as I thought I knew the area, there clearly is a surprise at every turn, so, use Waze folks for navigation guidance or you are bound to miss it.

Parking ??? Well, most folks simply park directly infront of the kopitiam. The road turning to this kopitiam branches out into two. One will take you around the block and lead you back to the main road and the other is directly in front of this restaurant. Customers literally park in any spot they can find untill its blocked off. There is a security guard that works for this kopitiam. He also help navigate the cars. He keeps a look out on the traffic situation and will inform the car owners if there is a problem. I was honestly impressed. I did not expect this sort of customer service from a kopitiam. Oh and when it rains, the guard will also walk you to your car with an umbrella. Very nice.

By the time I arrived though, there was no more parking spots available near the eatery and so, I parked at Wisma Chuang instead. The car park is open to public at a rate of RM 4 per hour. Once parked, it took us barely 5 minutes to walk over to the kopitiam as it was located just around the corner.

If you like eateries that are more old school in regards to the vibe and atmosphere, then you’ll like Capitol Cafe. It is spacious and can accomodate a large crowd. I dropped by during lunch hour and it was bustling with activities. They sure aren’t short of customers. When this eatery was first brought to our attention, the first thing we did was check out its Google rating. It scored an average of 4.1/5 from over 480 reviewers, which would indicate that this is a good restaurant by Malaysian standards. Definitely worth a try, ey?

It is also HALAL. As I was recently informed, Capitol Cafe isn’t Halal, the meat they use is from a HALAL certified slaughterhouse.


Capitol Nasi Lemak Lunch Set, RM 15 + Curry Mee Set, RM 10

As mentioned previously, we visited during lunch hour. While there were some a la carte dishes, most of their Menu consisted of Set Lunches. These sets includes a meal and a drink, which is what we usually order separately anyways, so we were totally cool with it. Based on the reviews online, there seem to be a lot of love for the Nasi Lemak here and that was one of the dishes we decided on and the other was Curry Mee.

I thought at RM 15, the Nasi Lemak Set was well priced because with the Nasi Lemak alone, besides the rice, cucumber, anchovies and ‘kacang’, you’d get a large piece of tender, juicy and crispy chicken thigh, with a bullseye and 2 types of sambal : the usual nasi lemak sambal + sweet, spicy prawn sambal with 3 pieces of medium sized prawns. On top of that you’d receive a drink. There were two choice : Barley and / or Asam Boi. For this set, we opted for Asam boi. It was really good, not too sweet with the taste of Asam Boi pretty stong. It was very similar to the Asam boi ice cream you’d be able to buy for 60 cents, back in the day, outside school, there will usually be a guy that comes with his motorbike that is attached to an ice cream freezer. There will be these items that will be wrapped in a see-through plastic, the content comes in various colors with pieces of asam boi in it? Yup, I used to love those back in school. This drink tasted exactly like that, so niceeee. The Nasi Lemak was delicious. I can see why many people love it. The ‘sambal udang’ was da bomb. It was spicy and sweet and when having it with the rice, gooey egg, fried chicken and some ‘kacang’ ….. delicioussss! Yum!

The Curry Mee was good too. This dish isnt as fattening as it usually would be. The use of coconut milk isn’t as much here as it would be elsewhere. However, while the curry is slightly more watery here, it tasted good, it did not come across as diluted. Flavorful it was. I liked it. It came with lots of ingredientsmee hoon, mee, tauhu, taugeh, prawns, squids, and surprisingly clams. That was a first for me, clams in curry mee, lol. A good combination though. Overall, a satisfying dish indeed. Not too fattening but it fill you up nonetheless. Burp!

Address: 46, 48 & 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang.

Opening hours: Everyday. 7 am – 5 pm.

FB Link:


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  1. This is not a halal diner. The JAKIM cert displayed in this blog was for the slaughter house, not for this diner.

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