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KitchenCo – Cloud Kitchen @ Jalan Tandok, Bangsar – Better than expected πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ (Pork free)

I was at lost on what to eat for lunch. Lots of options available but I was in the mood for something new. So, I started by scrolling through BeepIt and eventually, I came across KitchenCo in Bangsar. This cloud kitchen piqued my interest, their Menu seemed awesome too, a variety of choices from several cuisinesWestern, Local, Italian, Mexican, Desserts. A variety of cuisine under one roof.

Based on the information I could get online – this cloud kitchen officially opened 2 months ago, December 2020. A vision actualized by 2 childhood friends to help cooks/chefs who lost their jobs during the Covid pandemic while providing good food. A good deed indeed.

Where exactly is the Kitchen Co located? You guys know where Naj & Belle Bangsar is? Yup, opposite the road from this cafe is the University Kuala Lumpur Hostel, right? Next to this hostel is a low cost, low density apartment which is located right next to the traffic light. KitchenCo occupies the ground floor, corner lot unit of this apartment. You’d be able to see it from the road side, easily.


(*** The Menu is from FoodPanda website simply because it was easier to snap photos of. I ordered through BeepIt though. Do take note that there may be difference in price/promo code/discount between the two platforms)

Penang Char Koay Teow, RM 12.90 + Pablo’s Crispy Chicken Burger with fries, RM 12.99 + Hawaiian Chicken Pizza, RM 13.90

** Via BeepIt, any orders above RM 30 comes with a 15% discount. So, be sure to key in the Promo Codo = STAYHOME15, when you are checking out. My grand total was RM 39.79 and with the discount, I ended up saving RM 6, paying RM 33. 81. Yay!!!

As mentioned before, there were lots of options available and so, to make things eaier for me, I ordered their best sellers. It was a brilliant decision as all the three dishes I went with were yummy.

I enjoyed the Fried Koay Teow. It was a nice portion size with 2 large prawns. Nicely flavored, tasty.

The Pablo’s Chicken Burger was simple yet delicious. Crunchy, juicy chicken patty with lettuce + tomato + burger buns with fries on the side. Size wise, it was slightly smaller than a KFC Zinger burger. Adding on the chips made it a more wholesome meal. Burp!

The Hawaiian Chicken Pizza comes in 2 sizes – a 6″ or 9″. I opted for the smaller size and it was just right considering the two other dishes I was going to ‘hantam’. It was thin crusted and had a generous topping spread. I loved it. As it was thin crusted, I would not be overwhelmingly full. This tomato based pizza include toppings such as chicken chunks, onions, pineapples and capsicum. It was yummy, I enjoyed it.

Overall, a pleasant experience. All the dishes I ordered were tasty and yummy. The ordering process was easy and so was the food pick up. I look forward to trying out their chicken pie as well as their fish & chips next.

Address: 21 G, Jalan Tandok, Bangsar. (Opposite Naj & Belle, next to Uni KL hostel).

Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 10 pm.

FB Link:

Food Ordering link:


Signing out now, Ciao.


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