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Yum Thong Sui and Daily Potion @ The Sphere, Bangsar South – Latest additions to the scene

So, with the MCO in place for almost a year now, on and off … many F&Bs have come and gone. Though I must say, the staying power in this particular area – Bangsar South, is rather high as most of them are still standing strong. There are a few new additions though, two of them being Yum Thong Sui and Daily Potion and oh, a new ramen shop around the corner too.

Both shops are located on the LG floor, opposite Aeon pharmacy. Daily Potion and Yum is next to each other, occupying half a shoplot each. With the increase in takeaways and delivery nowadays, the smaller space is the way to go, I suppose.

Considering we had a heavy lunch, we opted to try the tong sui instead of coffee as it is less filling? Yup.

Yes, it is RM 6 each, however, currently they are having a promotion – if you take 3 items, you’d get 1 for free, which will end by 28th Feb. At RM 18, you’d technically be paying only RM 4 for each, which I thought was a good deal. So, we opted for that.

It is self service here. You do the usual temperature checking and etc, then head on over to the chiller, select the items you are interested in, bring it over to the counter, make payment and off you go.

As mentioned previously, we opted for the promotion, which includes 4 items of my choice. We chose:

  1. Longan Tofu
  2. 6 Flavor
  3. Pumpkin Sago
  4. Sea Coconut

The 6 Flavor and Sea Coconut tasted similar. If you like Leng Chee Kang, then you would love this. I know I did. This particular soupy dessert is rather hard to come by nowaday and the one here, came with lots of filling. Yay!

6 Flavor
Sea Coconut

The soupy base is the same between 6 Flavor and Sea Coconut. Both also had Snow Fungus, Red Date, Rock Sugar and Longan. The difference is that Sea Coconut comes with Sea Coconut and 6 Flavor includes Lotus Seed, Lily Bulps, Barley. Two varieties of Leng Chee Kang.

The Longan Tofu is self explanatory and includes Tofu + Longan + Milk. This is their Num. 1 bestseller. It is perhaps a solid version of Tau Foo Fah? The difference is the texture, while Tau Foo Fah is flimsy and soft, this tofu is solid jelly. You’d be able to taste the soy and when you drizzle the milk all over, it had a rather appealing taste. What would simply be soy jelly is bow elevated to something more. Having that with the 3 Longans on the top was real nice.

Pumpkin Sago

While I liked all 4 dishes, this was my favorite. I loveee a good pumpkin soup and this resembled that. The sago did not come in a large portion but it was enough to be scattered all over. Each mouth you take, there would be mostly pumpkin soup with some sago. I loved it. Compared to the other 3 dishes, this one had a more thicker base, which is consistent with most pumpkin soup. Thick, milky and very flavorful, the taste of pumpkin was evident. I loved it.

As I am a fan of tong sui, I would definitely be back here again. Perhaps for my next visit, I would give the Purple Sweet Potato Sago a try. Yum!

Address: LG 13A, Lower Ground Floor, The Sphere, Bangsar South

Opening hours: Everyday, 10 am to 10 pm.

FB link:

Order Link:

Just in case you guys are interested in Daily Potion located next door.

Address: Next to Yum Thong Sui, opposite Aeon Pharmacy.

Signing out now, Ciao.


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