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Brew 9 @ Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam – Coffee & cakes?? Just what I needed.

Looky looky, look what we got here ….

Yup, we received these awesome caffeine laden drinks recently and it was exactly what we needed. Honestly, I’ve been dying for a good cup of coffee and hot chocolate for ages now, months to be honest. I’ve attempted to make them myself, never got anywhere close tastewise. So, seeing these bottles … absolute joy, yawwww.

Before we get into it, a little something about Brew 9. This is a home cafe in Kota Kemuning with a humble beginning. Through travelling and self discovery, Brew 9 came alive. What started of as a ‘one woman show’ of an independant coffee specialty business in Brunei, it is now here in Kota Kemuning upon her return. From participating in events and pop ups to a home cafe, they are now in the midst of expanding into a bigger space nearby.


…. and if you are worried about the 10 km limit, worry not as they do deliver up to 35 km radius.

Black Coffee, RM 13 + White Coffee, RM 15 + Steeped Chocolate, RM 15 + Artisanal Matcha, RM 15

Ooooo, refreshing. The Black Coffee was bitter with an underlying sweetness. I am more of a fan of milky coffee and so, the White Coffee was more my jam. It tasted like a milkier, milder version of the black one. Lovely it was.

The Steeped Chocolate was da bomb. It was thick and chocolatty, just the way we liked it. Ipersonally liked the fact that their drinks arent laden with sugar. You can barely taste it which is excellent because it brings out the underlying taste of the coffee beans, chocolate and matcha. The Artisanal Matcha comes with 2 options – with milk or without. We got the ‘with milk’ matcha which was perfect for us. I personally like matcha but not on its own because the bitterness can get a tad overwhelming at times. With the milk, I get the toned down version of it. In spite of the milk, in my books it was still potent. The taste of matcha was strong. So, if you are a lover of this particular tea, no matter what your choice is – rest assure that the matcha taste and flavor is strong and evident … with or without milk.

Guess what else we got? Some desserts too, yawwww.

Chocolate Walnut Banana Loaf + Pandan Layer Cake + Chocolate Orange Cake

Now this loaf, was very nice. Despite the time it took for the items to be delivered, this piece of loaf was still warm. Each piece was large and thick, dense and compact. This was a banana bread with a generous sprinkle of chocolate chips and walnut. I loved it, it tasted owesome.

Ooo, this was good. The cake was moist and dense, the chocolate simply melts in you mouth. This is a chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache and two layers of chocolate orange cream in the middle. I’ve always liked the orange chocolate combo and this was no different. I liked it best eaten after it spent some time in the chiller. It made the ganache thicker, the taste of orange was stronger and the cake as a whole, more appealing. Loved it.

This layer cake was rather unique. One layer was cake while the other green layer reminded me of a malay pandan kuih. I cant recall what it is called but the different textures provided a rather yummy combination. A mix between a cake and a nice pandan infused soft, gooey starchy layer. It wasnt too sweet and tasted nice. I liked it.

Overall, both the drinks and desserts were awesome. I would not mind at all another round of drinks and cakes from Brew 9. 😁😁

Address: 18, Jalan Anggerik Eria 31/103a, Shah Alam.

Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 8 am – 8 pm.

FB page: https://m.facebook.com/brewnine/

Website: https://brewnine.com/home

Order Link: https://brewnine.beepit.com/ordering/?type=delivery

Signing out now, ciao.


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