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That Bloody Botak @ PJ/KL – Ooooo yum! Burp!

The Bloody Botak is a one-man-show, online food ordering service. I’ve been regularly seeing postings on social media (FB) about the food, the Menu and it piqued my interest. Rendang, pie, pasta, noodles, burger … yup, definitely a variety.

If you guys want to place your order, please do so early. I think That Bloody Botak has a following and is well liked, food is good, available slots get filled up rather quickly. If you order late, you’d most probably not get your food on the desired date. The food, it is available weekly but not daily. To keep track of availability, do head over to their FB page. I placed my order one day before and was told that all the slots are fully booked. The next opening was only a week later and I took it, ordered my dishes and made payment via online transfer. So, if you do mind the wait, order early please.

** Orders can be placed via FB or Whatsapp. Deliveries for certain areas are free, do check it out on the FB page. On the day of the delivery, you’d get a link that allows you real time access on the drivers movements – which I liked, because rather than having to wait around doing nothing, you can go about your day, doing your thing and be available when the driver is near.


(34c) Chicken Rendang, RM 16 + (35g) Prawn Sambal, RM 16 + (13) Indomee, Rm 13

This was delicious. 34c comes with Basmathi Rice + Egg + Pickle + Sambal + Chicken Rendang. I have a liking for long grain rice because it is less starchy and generally fragrant and so, I was happy that it was used here. The chicken rendang was da bomb, finger lickin’ good. It comes with 4 medium sized boneless chicken pieces, soft and tender. It certainly was generous, more meat than I anticipated – loved it! The rendang flavor was evident, the gravy here was somewhat thick which to me meant that it was able to retain more of the distinct taste of rendang. It was tasty. The sambal that came on the side was not the usual chili sambal, the one here was surprisingly oily and crispya good addition to the dish. I am glad I ordered this dish.

35g consisted of Blue pea Basmathi rice + egg + sambal + pickle + udang sambal. The Udang Sambal was yummy. There was about 7,8 pieces of medium sized prawns which again, I thought was generous. You would definitely be getting your moneys worth. The gravy was sweet-ish spicy. Delicious prawn sambal and having it with the other items was yummy. A very good dish.

I ordered the Indomee with Chicken Chop and Egg just because I needed to fit the “minimum order of 3 dishesrequirement. It turned out to be alot better than expected. Indomee generally has a sweet sauce flavor to it, right? Imagine that with an extra kick – crushed pepper. Flavorful it was, a little spicy too. There was about 7 pieces of lemongrass chicken. Soft, chewy and flavorful. A yummy dish overall.

All in all, the food quality exceeded my expectations. I would definitely reorder from That Bloody Botak again.

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Contact Num.: +60133420849

Signing out now, ciao.


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