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Tiok Tiok @ Taman Mayang, PJ – Yummy char siew 😍 (Physical store closed. Open only for deliveries)

The Covid 19 pendemic has seen a bloom in the home online food business. One of those ventures were Tiok Tiok who sold char siew, siu yoke, pork ribs, pork burger pattys, roasted chicken. To me, theirs is a success story because they started the home business sometime last year, as food was good – they started getting noticed, orders started picking up and eventually, they made and saved enough $$$ to move to a proper physical location that is accessible to public. So, all in all, a success story. Don’t you think?

I got to know about Tiok Tiok from a friend, who loves char siew as much as I do. Unlike me however, that friend was adventurous enough to order deliveries. I usually dont do so because I always thought that these particular dishes are meant to be eaten freshly made, anything other than that may simply alter its taste but he told me it was delicious and worth a try and so, here I was.

Location: Tiok Tiok is located in Restoran Tea Time, in Taman Mayang Jaya. Like many other Chinese restaurants that has several stalls under one roof, the same concept applies here. Tiok Tiok is one of those stalls.

They open at 11 am and closes when all the items are sold out. Just to be safe though, best you be there between 11 am – 12.30 pm because these guys sell out fast. I initially wanted to drop by one day prior, called them around 12.30 pm to enquire and was told to come back another day because they were sold out. So, I made sure to be there early the next day to get a taste. Peeps, BE THERE EARLY .


Mix 3 with a plate of rice, RM 22 + Extra rice, Rm 2

The Mix 3 is self explanatory, it basically is a serving of char siew, siu yoke and chicken all in one plate. I did not have to tell them its for two people to eat because the serving size was fixed. You order the mix 3 plate and that is the amount you’d get, it was more than enough for 2 pax.

The char siew was delicious. I liked that it came in thick pieces, each piece had a generous amount of meat to it. The meat to fat ratio was good. Outer part was crisp and the inner part of the meat was tender and moist. You’d be able to taste the sweetness as well as the charcoal aftertaste. The Siu Yoke equally yummy, crispy on the outside chewy on the inside. It had a nice flavor to it too. The roasted chicken was a little different here. Rather than the usual chicken, here it was lemongrass chicken. So, every mouth you take, you’d be able to taste the lemongrass flavor. I liked it, it was rather unique. The chicken too came in large pieces. It was really juicy and tender, a delight to eat with the rice.

Overall, I had a delicious, wholesome meal. Burp! Satisfying indeed.

Address: Restoran Tea Time. 23-1, Plaza Mayang, Jalan SS 26/4, Taman Mayang Jaya, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: 11 am till sold out. Closed on Sundays.

FB page:

Tel. Num.: 016 – 233 0331

Signing out now, Ciao.



  1. Hullo Food bunny

    When did you contact tiok tiok.?
    Just rushed there this morning and the coffee shop told me tiok2 closed a long time ago.

    1. Hello Gerald, we did not contact Tiok Tiok. As you can see, the review was dated Feb 2021, almost a year ago. They started off as a home business, and then open a physical store. Once MCO started, they went back to home business. I do not know what is the current situation. You best check the social media of this eatery for a more updated info. We do not always have the luxury of time to keep up with what is open and what has closed in our list of 400 restaurants. Please do double check with their respective social medias for a more accurate info.

    2. We have even included details such as contact num and their FB page in the blog post. Please do help yourself. If you checked their FB page, you’d notice that they posted something yesterday that would suggest that they are still in business but only delivery.

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