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Moonkissed @ Sea Park, PJ – Affordable good food, healthy too. Yum! (Pork free)

We specifically headed to Sea Park for lunch this time with intentions of giving a certain new cafe a try. Unfortunately, the cafe was undergoing some minor renovations and was closed for the day. Bummer. Since there were many other restaurants in the area, we decided to walk around and see if anything tickles our fancy. Moonkissed seemed interesting enough based of their Menu, so we decided to have lunch there. Affordably priced noodles and rice bowls .. yup, count us in.

As we arrived a little after 2 pm, the lunch crowd were gone by then. We had the whole place to ourselves. Customer service was great, the lady that served us was friendly and helpful, quick to assist us when we needed some recomendations. We felt welcomed.

MoonKissed provided us with a relaxed and calm environment. It exuded a rather homely feel. We even managed to get some work done too thanks to the free wifi.


Yup, they had a variety of dishes available. Notice the price?? I think its affordably priced for what it is. The noodles – they apparently make their own. So, it is not store bought. The rice bowls, some of the ingredients and combinations available would have been costlier elsewhere but here, very decently priced.

Nasi Lemak with MoonKissed Signature Chicken, RM 11.90 + Set Lunch B, RM 13.90 + French Fries, RM 5.90

The Nasi Lemak rice bowl was very good, was beyond my expectation. As you can see, this is not your typical, basic Nasi Lemak. The one here came with more ingredients and variety. Their sambal was a fusion between nasi lemak sambal and satay peanut sauce?? That was what it tasted like to me. It certainly was unique and I loved it. Their Signature Chicken consisted of chicken meatballs dipped in sweet sauce with sesame sprinkle. Ooooo yummy! Besides that, there were the usual Nasi Lemak ingredients – peanuts, egg, anchovies, cucumber and rice. There was also some chashew nuts, ‘sengkuang’, shredded carrot, salad. You’d get lots of items in one bowl, rest assured. You’d be full by the end of it, that is for sure. All this for RM 11.90?? Heck yea!

While waiting for the Set Lunch to arrive, we ordered a bowl of french fries to munch on while getting some work done. I may be wrong but I think they cooked it with an air fryer? It had little oil on it and yet crispy. Nice.

From 11 am – 3 pm, the daily set lunch are availble. For today, we decided to give Set B a go which consisted of a rice bowl with Saba Fish and a free flow of Iced Green Tea. As you can see, the rice bowl consisted of rice + lettuce + shredded carrot + cabbage + cucumber + kimchi + edamame with a serving of chilli garlic on the side. The Saba fish, also known as Blue Mackerel was boneless. No bones in the middle and the sides. What a bliss to eat fish without having to worry about its bones. Niceeee! They’d also give you a serving of vinegerette?? Mix it all together and it somehow works. Yummy!

I had an awesome time here. I would definitely be back for another visit. Maybe I will give their homemade noodles a try next.

Address: No. 12, Jalan 21/19, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 9.30 pm.

FB page:


Contact No.: 016- 224 6899

Signing out now, Ciao.


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