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Ruma Puteh @ Tmn. Tasik Titiwangsa – Oooo niceee 😍 (Halal)

So… I finally paid Ruma Puteh a visit. This eatery has taken social media by storm with numerous shots of its aestetically pleasing interior and exterior. It seemed like every angle and corner was thought of. Literally everytime I am online, there is bound to be someone posting up pictures and/videos on this new cafe. Having been around for just over 2 months now, it is a favorite go-to for cafe goers and hoppers. I figured it was high time I jumped on the bandwagon and join the fad.

I was mostly going to Ruma Puteh for the view – 80% for the view and 20% for the food. This was based on the Google rating : and average of 3.3/5 from over 105 peeps. As I was scrolling down the individual reviews, there were many complaints on the food served here. So, I wasn’t having high hopes in that regard but knew for sure I’d enjoy the view.. it would also curb my curiosity on why its as popular as it was despite the lack of love for its food. Later on though, once I’ve arrived, ordered and eaten the food, it was not bad at all. Pretty good it was that I think it is a result of improvement on their end. Kuddos.

*Parking: As Ruma Puteh is a house located in a neighborhood, you can park next to the house or anywhere surrounding it. No need to worry about ‘kena saman’. Alternatively, since its opposite the road from Istana Budaya, you can also park there and walk over.

It was really relaxing sitting here, in Rumah Puteh. There is something about sitting in nature that calms you down. Add in the building itself that offers color tones that are soothing, my stress level reduced significantly because up till that point, work had been bugging my mind.


Nasi Kerabu, RM 28.90 + Chicken Pesto, RM 22.90

The Nasi Kerabu was pretty tasty. As you can see, the dish came with blue pea rice, a piece of chicken thigh, ulam, salted egg, fish crackers, cili sambal and in house sauce. It tasted as it should and it was yummy.

The timing between the arrival of one dish to the next is long, consistent with some of the complaints you’d come across on Google reviews given by some individuals. Same was the case here. The Nasi Kerabu arrived within 15 minutes and the next dish arrived 45 minutes later 😱😱😱. Can you imagine how awkward it would be if you are having a business cum lunch meeting with a bunch of people who are basically strangers? Are you going to eat first while the rest look on for 45 minutes? Or are you going to wait till everyone elses dishes arrive perhaps an hour later? Awkward, ain’t it?

This was pretty good too. You’d get lots of chicken slices with a nice dose of melted cheese and pesto. The pesto was however was a little too little for it to be the first thing you’d taste. So, if you are one of those who loveeees pesto and expect a strong, prominent taste when biting into a sandwich, best ask them to put more of it. As for me, I liked it as it was with lots of chicken and gooey cheese. The only issue I had was with the brioche. Brioche is meant to be light and airy but when it ‘dipenyetkan’, it does not resemble a brioche anymore but instead the usual white bread. I would have liked if they served the sandwich with a panini perhaps? Yes.

Address: 60 A, Jalan Kuantan, Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, KL. (Near Istana Budaya)

Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 11 pm.

Contact no.: 014 – 714 0993

Signing out now, Ciao.


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