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Butty Boy Cook @ B.Land, Sek. 51a, PJ – Industrial interior with good food πŸ‘Œ

Butty Boy Cooks is yet another cafe taking social media by storm of late with plenty of love for its industrial look and tasty food. The cafe is located in B.Land, in Seksyen 51a, Petaling Jaya. I’ve visited this area before for our visit to Pepo’s Pizza – Pepo Pizza @ Seksyen 51a, Petaling Jaya – A Hidden Delight . Back then, it was just Pepo standing alone while the other areas were under construction. Fast forward months later, there were new additions to the scene, the most notable being Butty Boy Cooks and Nippori.

I arrived during lunch hour and was initially headed to Nippori. However, as I failed to make a reservation beforehand, I was told that waiting time was 2 hours 😱😱. As it was too long a wait for me, I decided to walk over to Butty Boy Cooks and try my luck there. Same was the case here but I was told waiting time was 40 minutes. So, I waited and 25 minutes later, I was seated. Yay!!

It was full house during my visit. If you guys are visiting during peak hours and have no extra time to spare waiting, I strongly suggest that you make reservations prior to visiting. If you do not mind the short wait, then simply walk in and take your chances, I suppose.

If you love spacious, industrial design interiorButty Boy Cooks would appeal to you because it was exactly that. The atmosphere was lively and boisterous. It was busy, people walking in all directions but because this cafe is spacious, it did not feel crowded and closed in.


Kam Heong Seafood, RM 33 + Pineapple Fried Rice with Seafood and Udang Galah, RM 38

This was delicious 😍😍. If you are a fan of Kam Heong, then you’d love this dish. This came with two options: Lala or Seafood, I opted for the latter. No regrets as it was very good. Keep in mind that this is a sharing plate, way too much to be eaten alone. Thank god I brought my friend along, we ‘hantam’ nicely. You’d get lots of squids and medium sized prawns. This dish is served by itself, minus the rice. I strongly suggest adding on a serving of rice at a cost of RM 3 because that is the best way to eat Kam Heong lah…with rice. Burp!!

If you notice the Menu, a lot of emphasis is given to ‘udang galah’. If you are a fan, go for it. If you are like me, it does not make a difference wether you eat udang galah or not and on top of that, you’d rather spend your $$$ on other things – then take my advise and skip it. I tried it, it tasted like any other prawn to me and its size is deceiving as it may look big but the meat you’d get is little. If I ordered the same pineapple rice with chicken – its RM 17 and if I had the seafood with udang galah version – its RM 38. After tasting it though, I should have gone for the chicken version. This is not to say that the fried rice wasn’t nice. It was yummy. I liked that they included all the items I liked with this particular rice – pineapples, raisins, cashewnuts but to me, chicken and seafood with udang galah made not much of a difference, so the next time – I’d order the chicken version instead. The RM 21 difference between the 2 dishes matterred to me. However, if it does not for you, then by all means, go ahead and order it. It was a tasty dish with plenty of squids and prawns with 1 udang galah on the side. If you fancy a bigger piece, add on RM 8 for an udang galah upsize.

I’d be back to Butty Boy Cooks. I liked the ambiance and the food.

Address: Lot 9, B.Land, Jalan 51a/225, Seksyen 51a, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 10 pm.

FB page:

Contact No.: 011 5406 6649

Signing out now, Ciao.


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