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Gula Cakery @ Tropicana Gardens Mall, PJ – Lovely desserts 😍 (Halal)

I’ve been wanting to give Gula Cakery a try for a while now but at that point, they were located all the way in Shah Alam and lazy ol’ me thought driving all the way there for a slice of cake required too much effort, lol. Hence why it never happened till now. When I got to know that these guys opened a new outlet right here at Tropicana Gardens Mall, Kota Damansara, I decided to drop by.

Right at the entrance itself you’d see the selection of cakes on display. A smart move to entice customers 😈😈

I always thought that Gula Cakery is all about desserts but nope, they also serve main meals and dishes. I would have loved to give them a try but I’ve already had lunch prior to my visit. Lain kalilah.


Biscoff Cheesecake, RM 16 + Nutella Chocolate Roll, RM 9 + Strawberry Tart, RM 9

The Cheesecake was delicious. I am usually hesistant to indulge in this particular type of cake after lunch because it tends to fill you up fast due to the cheese. This time however, I simply couldnt resist. Unlike most people, who most probably already got on and got off the Biscoff bandwagon, I have yet to give it a go, lol. Since there were a number of Biscoff desserts here, I thought it was high time I tried it. The cheesecake was surprisingly light. The top was a layer of Biscoff, the middle was the cheesecake, which rather than being thick and dense, was as light as whip cream and at the bottom was biscuit crumble. With just the right amount of sweetness, this was a yummy slice of cake.

This was another tasty dessert. If you like Nutella, you’d love this. The outer darker layer was basically Nutella …. oooo yum. The inner part was chocolate cake and chocolate cream. Not overly sweet but provided me with a generous serving of Nutella. Me like 😍

The Strawberry Tart was not my favorite. The tart crust, especially at the bottom was really thick. It was rather tasteless too. So, you’d basically biting into what is a combination of flour + whip cream + strawberry. You may like it, I did not. I would rather have spent the same amount of money to buy myself another Nutella Chocolate Roll.

Overall, minus the tart, I liked the desserts here. I would be back to give the other dessert offerings a try.

Address: CC 47, Concourse Floor, Tropicana Gardens Mall, Jalan 2A, Persiaran Surian, Tropicana Indah, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday, 12 pm – 10 pm.

FB page:


Signing out now, Ciao.


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