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Da Xi Kopitiam @ SS 2, PJ – Yummy Curry Mee 😍😍

I recently visited this new, month old Kopitiam in SS 2, PJ. A friend who worked in the area gave them a try two weeks ago, ordered their curry mee and told me all about it. Since all I heard was good things, I decided to pay Da Xi a visit.

Where in SS2?? Good thing this kopitiam is located away from the main SS2 square, which is almost always congested and parking is rather difficult. Da Xi is located slightly away, within the same area that is home to the popular TNR, Kayu Nasi Kandar and Chilly Pan Mee which is definitely less crowded and easier to get a parking spot.

I visited during lunchtime, it was fullhouse within minutes after my arrival. Da Xi seems to be on its way to becoming a neighborhood favorite rather quickly. Despite that and the fact that this kopitiam is a month old newbie, their customer service did not suffer.

So, you basically take a look at the menu, decide what you want, head over to the counter to order and pay. Food arrived within 10 minutes.


Ipoh Curry Mee, RM 9.50 + Yong Zhou Fried Rice, RM 8.90

I wanted to try their Curry Mee with Curry Chicken but it was sold out by the time I arrived. There was apparently a bulk order for this specific dish that morning which lead to it ‘habis’. Besides curry chicken, they offer the siu yuk version as well as one that comes with fuchuk, tofu, fish ball and etc … I went for the latter. The curry was yummy, thick and flavorful. I slurped and slurped to my hearts content.

My noodles of choice was a combination of mee + mee hoon. This dish has a rather large portion size, it came with a generous amount of noodles. The other items I initially received were fuchuk, a fried pork ball, two pieces of fried tofu and a fried wanton. A pork ball and a stuffed tofu was missing. When I brought it to their attention, they did not put up a fuss. They immediately checked with the kitchen, admitted their error, apologized and rectified it. This I appreciated because there are restaurants out there that would rather deny their mistakes. Lucky for me though that I take pictures and videos of the dish as soon as it arrives. Its for food reviewing purposes of course but in some cases where the boss and/or employees refuses to be responsible and rectify the issue, it could alternatively be used as evidence. Here though, the slight mishap was resolved quickly and they were apologetic. Good customer service indeed.

The fried rice tasted good. Besides the rice, the dish also came with minced pork, eggs, prawns, scallion, peas. I liked that it was not mostly rice with a small portion of the other items. Nope, here it seemed like almost an equal portion. Every spoonful is bound to have a mix of items. Yummm.

I’d be back here for another visit. Perhape, I will give their nasi lemak or mee siam a try next.

Address: 115, Jalan SS 2/6, SS2, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Mon, Tue, Thur – Sun, 8 am – 3.30 pm. Weds Closed

FB page:

Contact No.: 03 – 7492 0560

Signing out now, Ciao.


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