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Kenny Hills Bakers @ TTDI – niceeeeee

Well, what did you guys do the day before MCO began? We chose to spend the eve of MCO 3.0 having tea at this cafe. Although dining in is not allowed by the time this review is published, they do offer takeaways and delivery.

We’ve made several attempts to visit Kenny Hills Bakers prior to this. It was always full house and waiting time was 30 – 40 minutes. This time however, due to the puasa month, it wasn’t too crowded when we visited at 3 pm.


Everything on the menu looked appetizing however, as we’ve already eaten lunch, best we stuck to pastries and desserts.

Tiramisu, RM 15

This was really good. The outer layer was coated with sweetened nuts and the inner layer was a dense cake. If you are a Tiramisu lover like me, you’d love this dessert.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart,RM15

Ummm, no no. We did not like this at all. The top chocolote layer was dark chocolate and so, it was bitter. In the middle, there was a layer of salted caramel. The combination of both these layers did not work for us. It was not appealing. I suppose if you like dark chocolate and is a lover of bitter things, this tart may work for you.

Plain Croissant

The croissant here was rather large in size, which I liked very much. Some of the croissant I’ve come by nowadays are so small in size the three mouths in and its finished,gone. This one here was big, the outer layer was crusty and crispy and the inner layer was buttery and dense. It was yummy.

I would be back here for a revisit. I’d like to give their Snickers cake as well as their sandwiches a go.

Address: Lot G-2, Ground floor, The Greens Terrace, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday, 8 am – 10 pm.

FB page:

Contact No.: 03 – 2703 7030

Signing out now, Ciao.


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