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Go 2 Pan Mee @ SS 2, PJ – Better than expected

It was simply one of those days where I was craving dry pan mee. So, I went to where I usually head to – Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee in SS 2, PJ. As usual, it was fullhouse but today, I was very hungry and I did not want to wait. I walked for a bit along the row of shops and came across Go 2 Pan Mee. At that point, I wasn’t just hungry, I was both hungry and angry = hangry. I wanted something and it seemed like I wasn’t going to get it today and so, I ‘merajuk’. That was where I was at mentally when I entered this restaurant.

My friend and I were the only customers at that point. I was a bit worried in regards to wether food will be good or not but a quick search on Google showed this eatery scored an average of 4/5 with over 200 reviewers which would suggest that food is pretty good here.

Soon after, it was lunch hour and the crowd started pouring in…


Spicy Miso Bacon Pan Mee (soup), RM 14

I do not usually like soupy pan mee but this one here was goooood. The miso soup was flavorful, good enough to be slurped on its own. This dish came with alot of noodles – which due to me being very hungry, was a good thing. There were 2 bacon strips, large ones too. Good enough to last till you finish the noodles. Overall, this was a good dish.

Chilli Pan Mee, RM 9.00

The Chilli Pan Mee was awesome too. With this dish, it did not feel like I was missing out by having it here instead of at Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee. They taste almost the same. The mix between the noodles, chilli, egg, minced meat, anchovies and etc. was tasty.I wouldn’t mind heading back here again for both the dishes. Yummy it was.

Address: No. 125, Jalan SS 2/6, SS 2, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Mon – Wed, Fri – Sun, 10 am – 9 pm. Thursdays closed.

FB page:

Contact No.: 011 – 65233193

Signing out now, Ciao.


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