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Pop’s Eatery @ Syed Kechik Foundation, Bangsar – A pleasant surprise.

Given the 10 km movement limit from now till June 14th, I figured that I should take this opportunity to review some restaurants near me, within Lembah Pantai.

This time, we decided to ‘bungkus’ lunch from Pop’s Eatery. The eatery is located in Syed Kechik Foundation. Where is it? It is along the road where The Ara Bangsar is located on. You need to get on to that road – Jalan Kapas, and just head straight up. Prior to Covid, I used to drive up the slope with my friends, park by the roadside and simple ‘lepak’ there for a bit because you’d get a nice hilltop view of Bangsar. At night, it sure was quite a beauty.

Anyways, once you are on Jalan Kapas and headed up, you’d see this …

So, do drive into the carpark. Once you are in, be sure to drive down instead of heading up. If it is your first time, you’d most probably drive up or down like you would in the carpark of shopping malls, whichever direction that indicates more parking and closer distance to the restaurant. Here though, Pop’s is located on the same level as the entrance and exit of this carpark. So, head down instead to where the exit is and the parking bay nearest to the exit is reserved for Pop’s customers.

I guess Pop’s Eatery can pass of as a hidden cafe, right? It certainly is not an eatery that is out there for everyone to see while they drive pass. It is one of those “if you know, you know .. if you dont, you dont” situations. It looked nice. Bright and airy. Customer service was good. There was so many dishes to choose from and we needed some help with recommendations, the cashier was more than happy to assist. The online Google reviews helped too as people seem to mention a few dishes on repeat as their favorites. Soon enough, we made up our minds.


If the Menu photos are not clear enough, do click the link attached for more info:

Spicy Cream Cheese Pasta, RM 18.90

If you fancy thick, creamy, gooey pasta, this dish is the way to go. The Spicy Cream Cheese Pasta is a crowd favorite. Not only did I see it repeatedly mentioned in the reviews online, the cashier mentioned it too. Oooo it was spicy. My friend usually needs chilli flakes whenever he orders pasta but this one here, no chili flakes necessary. It was pleasantly spicy, I liked the extra ‘kick’ it provided overall. Initially, I was a tad reluctant to order this dish because I was afraid the cheese was going to be overwhelming. No such thing as it was more creamy than cheesy. You can barely taste the distinct, overwhelming taste of cheese. Soo gooey it was and together with the chicken, was delightful. I can see why many people like this dish, I do too.

Country Fried Chicken, RM 22.90

Ordered this dish simply because I was craving for some fried chicken the past few days. It was either this or KFC πŸ˜…. The Country Fried Chicken is another crowd favorite. It consisted of two pieces of boneless chicken thigh that was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, flavorful too. I just wished it was spicier though, that would have been awesome. On the side, there was a serving of mashed potato. According to the Menu, this was suppose to be ‘Creamy Mashed Potato’ but ummm, it was not creamy. What it was was dry and lumpy. Flavorwise, by itself, was a tad bland but when eaten with the black pepper and mushroom sauce, the texture of the mashed potato changed – became a little smoother and the sauces provided it with that much needed flavor. It was not the lumpy, bland mash it initially was. Besides that, there was also a serving of coleslaw. Overall, I enjoyed this dish too.

Once dining in is allowed again, I’d like to return for a visit. There is nothing like eating a good dish, served immediatedly after its cooked, while enjoying the ambiance. I miss dining in 😭😭

Address: Syed Kechick Foundation, Jalan Kapas, Bangsar.

MCO opening hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 9 am – 8 pm. Sundays Closed.

FB Page:

Food ordering link:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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