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Kingsteet Cafe @ Seputeh – A hidden cafe.

This cafe has always appeared in my searches online whenever I was looking for ‘good cafes near meon Google. I’ve always skimmed passed it but with the current 10 km restrictions, it was a good time to check this cafe out as it is located within that radius from where I am at.

The funny thing was, I use the Federal Highway everyday but never once have I seen this cafe. Kingstreet is located along this highway, on the opposite side of the road from where the entrance into Brickfields is at. What you’d be able to notice is a bunch of furniture shops and showroom like Fella Design. Kingstreet though – you’d miss it because it is tucked in a secluded corner.

This cafe is located within Plaza Perabot Seputeh, shares the space with Lorenzo and is next to Fella Design. Parking is free and plenty.


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Weekday Special: Chicken & the Egg Fried Tice, RM 15.90

This is a set lunch, the dish comes with a drink – Iced Jasmine Tea with honey. The fried rice was delicious. There was plenty of scallion oil, every mouth you take, you can taste it. I loved it. Yummm. A good portion of fried chicken served popcorn style with several pieces of crispy fried bacon. Yummmmm 😍 This dish was yummy.

Spaghetti Bar Italia, RM 21.90

I had great expectations when it came to this dish because not only was it stated in their menu that this dish is a bestseller, several customers mentioned and expressed similar sentiments in their reviews online too. Upon tasting the dish..ummm, while it did not have the wow effect I was expecting, it was a pretty good dish. The smoked duck was da bomb. If I could have a side with just the smoked duck alone, oooo I’d certainly be having that. The pasta is cooked Aglio Olio style, with several prawns and parsley. It is a simply yet filling dish.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge Brownie, RM 11.90

This was the perfect dessert to have after we were done with the fried rice and pasta. It was soft and moist but not in a ‘muak’ kind of way. With a drizzle of salted caramel and some rock salt, this was a nice dessert. It was simple, light and not too sweet. The rock salt added some uniqueness to the brownie by providing a little saltyness to an otherwise pleasantly sweet dessert.

Address: 621, Jalan 2/87G, Seputeh.

Opening hours: Wed – Mon, 9 am – 6 pm. Tuesdays Closed.

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Signing out now, Ciao.


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