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Pizza Roma @ Bangsar – Simple, good value for money pizzas (Pork Free)

So, this week has been rather interesting …. I got vaccinated on Monday, followed by 3 days of constant body aches, chills and headaches. The next day, just as I was getting better, my menses decided that this was the right time to hit me with it. So yes, this has been a week of me being in a somewhat continous state of blurness and pain.

After days spent indoors, alternating between panadols and coconut water, I decided to head out today and get myself some pizza. Yup, me is craving some pizzas yawwww.

I’ve driven past Pizza Roma many times on my way to Bala‘s, AA Pharmacy and TMC but have never really given it a try. However, since I am all alone today and have no energy to drive far out to buy lunch, Pizza Roma was a perfect choice as it is located less than 10 minutes away from me.

Pizza Roma is located next to Kontea in Lucky Gardens, opposite Big Pharmacy.


Menu Link :

I ordered through an online platform – Oddle. It was easy peazy. I choose the dishes I am interested in, set my date and time for pickup and make payment. Once order is ready, they messaged me and I walked over to pick it up.

Buy 2 Free 1 Promo : Tuna & Onion, RM 13.90 + Prawn & Salted Egg, RM 15.90

I decided to go for the Buy 2, Free 1 promo, which basically meant that with 2 pizzas, I get 1 free Margherita pizza. The 2 pizza I decided to go for was a 6 inch Red Pizza – Tuna & Onion and a 6 inch White Pizza – Prawn & Salted Egg. I paid RM 29.80 for the whole thing.

Not only did I get a Magherita for free, they also gave me serving of garlic bread. Yay!!! So, I basically paid only RM 29.80 for three 6 inch pizzas and garlic bread. Good value for money, ey?

a) Prawn & Salted Egg

I ordered this pizza because it was a pizza combination that I dont usually see. I was excited to try it as prawns and salted egg was something I like but upon tasting it, it was rather dissapointing. The taste of salted egg was barely there. The 6 inch pizza comes with 4 slices. There was about 6 prawns and some sprinkle of salted egg sauce. I had two slices of pizza. One slice had a barely there salted egg taste and the other had none. Just to do a taste test, I gave my friend a slice without telling him what it was and he said its basic pizza with cheese and prawns, kind of bland in taste. My point exactly. I am certainly giving this a miss next time.

b) Tuna & Onion

This was tasty. It was a Red pizza which meant that it came with a tomato base. That base was a great combination with the fresh tuna and onions. You’d think the red stuff on the pizza was capsicum right? Nope, wrong. It’s chili, hot and spicy chili. This is a first for me, seeing red chili of this much quantity as a pizza topping. Chilli flakes – yes but not raw chili.

Yup, red chilies with its seeds still intact scattered all over the pizza. If you have severe gastric, you best stay away from this particular pizza or request them to reduce this particular topping. As for me, I did not mind it. The tuna does help reduce the heat but you’d still be able to feel it whenever you bite into it. Overall, this pizza was yummy. It tasted good and had a generous portion of toppings. I wouldn’t mind ordering this pizza again ….. and oh, I think they should rename this pizza to SPICY Tuna & Onion πŸ˜„

c) Margherita

This Margherita was decent. It was the usual simple tomato base pizza with cheese.

d) Garlic Bread

If I am not mistaken, this was a flat oven baked breadFoccacia. It was light and airy, fluffy too and with some garlic butter spread, it was a good starter and side to have with the pizzas.

Address: 26a, Persiaran Ara Kiri, Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 10 pm

FB page: or

Food Order link:

Contact Num: 017 – 668 8016

Signing out now, Ciao


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