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Nakamura Bashi Express & Krispy Kreme @ The Sphere, Bangsar South – Better than expected.

I ended up in Bangsar South today because I had to pass some documents to a friend who lives in the area. After concluding a short work related discussion, it was just in time for lunch. So, off I went to The Sphere to look for food. Last I recall, there were a few restaurants on the Lower Ground floor that I’ve yet to try.

Once I did a short walkaround, I stumbled upon a small Japanese restaurant, Nakamura Bashi. This eatery is located in a quiet corner, next to I Love Yoo!.

I was not planning on having Japanese food for the day but upon seeing their Menu, having some ramen sounded rather tempting, lol. Lord knows it has been a looooooooooong time since I’ve eaten a delicious bowl of tasty soupy Japanese noodles.


Everything looked good, I had a hard time deciding. Luckily, the waitress was nice enough to make some suggestions. I ended up ordering two of their most popular dishesSignature Ramen and Unagi Don.

I ordered, paid and was told to wait for 10 minutes for my order to be ready.

While waiting, I dropped by Krispy Kreme 😈, located less than a minute away. I am not much of a doughnut person but my sister is. She loveeeees them doughnuts and I miss her 😭😭😭. So, in some weird sense, I was hoping that eating her favorite desserts will somehow help me cope ☹.

If you guys are a fan of Krispy Kreme and you dont want to visit a branch with too many people around, this particular Krispy Kreme is a good outlet to drop by and get your doughnuts. The crowd is lesser here, customer service is good and their doughnuts are fully stocked. While the parking rate here is an hourly rate of RM 2, if you are just planning to enter in and out within 15 minutes – its free. Yes, 15 minutes drive through is free.


I got myself a box of 3 flavors at a cost of RM 12.90.

I ordered 3 of their most popular flavors – Kit Kat, Biscoff Crumb and Ovomaltine.

The doughnuts were nice. Soft and gooey, with lots of filling. Ovomaltine tasted like Ferrero Roche crispy chocolate, the top was smooth chocolate and the filling was made up of crispy chocolate bits. Biscoff was biscoff crumbs on the top and cream as the filling, in the middle. If you love biscoff, this doughnut is for you. Kit Kat is basically a chocolate doughnut with Kit Kat.

The doughnuts were good. Years ago I had some some doughnuts at Krispy Kreme Nu Sentral branch and it was not as good as the ones here. I am still not a doughnut person but if I ever feel like having one, I’d get my fix here.

Okay, moving on, back to the Ramen ….

Signature Ramen, RM 16 + Unagi Don, RM 23

For the ramen, I liked that they separated all the wet and dry ingredients and the container itself was nicely designed to accommodate the whole dish without it being messy.

I honestly did not have high expectation when it came to this eatery because the few times I’ve walked past it in the the past, it was always quiet. Upon tasting the food though, it was pretty decent. Please do not go in here expecting to get the best of the best lah, its pretty good but not the best there is. It is like Secret Recipe for cakes. It is not the best of the best, right? … but good enough to eat every now and then. Same thing here. The Miso Soup was tasty and NOT overload with MSG. The dish came with thin yellow noodles + 2 large slices of pork, some strips of fish cake, seaweed and an egg. I enjoyed the dish.

The Unagi Don was pretty good too. The only thing I’d change is the rice texture. It was a tad dry (adding on some of the Miso Soup helped). Besides that, everything else was on point. You’d get about five pieces of unagi (eel) that comes with some thick, sweet-ish sauce and an egg with some greens. Again, it was better than expected.

Address: No. 8, Lower Ground Floor, The Sphere, Bangsar South. (Same floor as Aeon)

Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 7.30 pm.

FB page:

Food Order link:

Contact Num.: 012 – 282 6803

Signing out now, Ciao.


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