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Satay & Co @ Bangsar – Tasty satays 😍😍 (Halal)

I do not know about you guys but I sure do miss eating some delicious satay. It has been ages since I last did so due to the ongoing MCO. I somehow managed to restrain my cravings all this while but of late, the need for satay has been popping up rather regularly …. and I guess it is high time I satisty it.

Of course, the best way to eat it is via dine in, right there in the restaurant, the dish served immediately after being grilled on a hot bed of charcoal. Since this option is not currently available, the next best thing is via online. There were plenty of options, by known and unknown brands, small-time and big-time businesses.

I finally decided on Satay & Co because customer reviews sounded positive and because of its location. Satay & Co has a central kitchen in Bangsar which was super close to me. This ensured that I can opt for self pick and would guarantee that I can eat them satays today as oppose to having to wait 3-5 days for it to be delivered 😍

See what I mean?? The satay craving striked and so, I wanted to sink my teeth into some of those delicious, flavorful chunks of chicken today and not days later. So, I contacted them via Whatsapp to enquire about self pickup and yessssss, they offer that option too. Yay!!

Satay & Co is located within the Pantai Business Center ( which I did not know existed 🧐) along Jalan Pantai Baharu. The most notable landmark would be the Bomba station. The row of shops next to the station is where Satay & Co is at.

Do look out for Unit A-01-3A. However, for self pickup, collection point at the back of this shop lot. So, you need to go around. You’d be passing Signature Hotel and then, Sekolah Kebangsaan Bangsar. Drive till you find an alley on your left 5 seconds later and turn in.

Once I’ve arrived, I whatsapped them and collected my order. It was a pretty smooth process. Orders and payment are made on their website . Even if you are opting for self pickup, you need to make payment beforehand prior to pickup.


I opted for 1 box, which came with 15 satays. At a cost of RM 35, that meant that each stick cost RM 2.30. Definitely pricier than the satays served at restaurants but hey, according to their website – it’s Premium satays. It has no MSG, no preservatives and no artificial coloring.

I liked that the instructions for heating up the food were clearly stated. Surprisingly simple and easy to follow.

Chicken Satays (1 box), RM 35

In the box, you’d get 3 packs of satays. Each pack was air tight, sealed and comes with 5 sticks and 2 packs of peanut sauce.

I used the microwave this time to heat up the satays. According to instructions, for this method, 2 minutes was needed. I followed through but the outcome was a little too soft for me. It definitely was cooked but soft. I like my satays more solid and chewy-er with a slightly harder exterior. Adding on another 30 seconds made all the different. Yup, 2 minutes and 30 seconds was just how I like it πŸ™‚

The satays were worth it. It certainly satisfied my cravings. Of course, some things simply cant be compared. For instance, the 3 method of heating up the satays can never replicate the result of grilling on charcoal but I’ve got no complains because it tasted good. Usually, before the meat goes onto the fire, the cook would brush on some sweet, thick sauce on the outer later of the satays, right? This did not have that but in its place was a yummy coat of a nice blend of flavors… turmeric and many more. I wished paid more attention to the flavors 🀣 but I was to busy gobbling it all in. It was yummy. The most noticable difference would be the chicken chunks itself. There was no bits of fats, it was all lean meat. Each piece was noticable bigger than the ones served at restaurants and stalls. It was big and flavorful chunks of chicken 😍

This was my first taste of satay in ages. I have no complaints. The whole experience was good. I enjoyed the satays and if the craving hits again – especially if we are still under MCO, I wouldn’t mind revisiting Satay & Co.

Address: Unit A – 01 – 03, Pantai Business Center, Jalan Pantai Baharu, Bangsar.

Contact Num.: 011 – 5405 4066

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/www.satay.co/

Website: https://satay.co/

Signing out now, Ciao.


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