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Quack & Cluck @ Jalan Sultan – Szechuan Kung Pao Chicken & Yang Zhou Fried Rice

Today, we ‘bungkus’ lunch from this 5 month old restaurant and bar, located along Jalan Sultan in the Petaling Steet area.

The eatery is very easily identifiable with its blue and orangy red exterior. There is no other building within the area with this color.

The interior was even more eye catching …

Very nice … I liked how it looked 😍 I thought that given how much effort these guys put into making the restaurant look good, the food would be pricier than what it was to reflect that but it was surprisingly affordable.


Yang Zhou Fried Rice, RM 14 + Szechuan Kung Pao Chicken, RM 16

The Yang Zhou Fried Rice was yummy. It was simple in the sense that the fried rice was a combination of rice with green peas, carrots, corn and chinese sausage/ lap cheong but it tasted good.

The Szechuan Kung Pao Chicken was an accidental order πŸ˜… or rather I thought the dish came with a side of rice. It did not. However, since the fried rice came in a large portion … the rice with the kung pao chicken was more than enough to fill both our tummies. The chicken dish was okay, slightly a little different tastewise than the kung pao chicken dishes I’ve had elsewhere, good to eat nonetheless. There were about 6,7 pieces of chicken with chilli, bell pepper, onion and peanuts. As the chicken is not boneless, do be careful with it.

Address: 21, Jalan Sultan, City Centre.

Opening hours: Tue – Sat, 11 am – 10 pm, Sun, 11 am – 5pm. Mondays Closed

Contact Num.: 03 – 2856 0722

FB page:

Order link:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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