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Pizza Mansion @ Jalan Mesui, KL – Awesome pizza with questionable customer service (Pork free)

Lunch this time was from Pizza Mansion KL. I had good memories when I visited their first outlet at Happy Mansion, PJ prior to Covid 19 – Pizza Mansion @ Happy Mansion, Sec. 17, PJ – Ooooo Pizzaaa! Yumm (Pork Free) . So, naturally when I found out that they have opened a 2nd outlet in KL a little more than a year ago… I was excitedlah. I ‘ve been wanting to drop by to give them a try for a while now but eventually forgot about it … until now πŸ˜„. My friend recently ordered some pizzas and was going on about how good it was. So, okaylah, time for me to pay them a visit.

A quick look online suggest that I can order via Grab, FoodPanda, Beepit and a direct whatsapp message, I opted for the latter because I was going to self pickup the order.

I called Pizza Mansion rather than whatsapp because I was curious about the absent chicken pizza option. I wanted to double check wether it’s true or did I somehow missed a part of the Menu. Once I was told that it’s indeed true, I proceeded to ask them about their bestsellers. I then placed my order but was told to do so via whatsapp and that the pizza will take 20 minutes to be ready. Okay, sure, no problem.

Good thing was, I was already in my car. At that point in time, I was in Bangsar and it would take me about 15 minutes to reach the restaurant. It was just nice. By the time I reached Pizza Mansion, I would just have to wait another 5-10 minutes for my order to be ready. Immediately after the call ended, we sent a whatsapp to them. The whole reason for that was so that the payment will be out of the way and they can get started on making my pizza as soon as possible.

Yea, well … that did not happen.

*** Do excuse the spelling mistake in the image below.

As you can see, we waited 15 minutes for them to provide their bank account details. Which meant that, we reached the eatery by then. Since payment was made only after we arrived, we would have had to spend even more time waiting for the pizza. This was fine with us as we had no problem hanging around but we thought it could have been handled better. Usually, I would not mind the delay much. Sometimes, it happens, even more so if they are short staffed. However, this time, I needed things to move accordingly.

A courier was delivering a very important document to my house and I wanted to make sure I was there to receive it. Hence why I wanted to get the payment out of the way, so that I can then estimate the time I’d be back home and inform the courier accordingly. All this delay is preventing me from doing that.

So, we mentioned it to the Indian guy who attended to us, that they could have handled it better.. check their whatsapp regularly as it seems to be the only way a self pickup customer would place their order. Every other option was for delivery. He did not see it that way though. He kept insisting that is was not their fault. The increase in Grab orders was to be blamed. Ummm 😳😳 It went back and forth. Us telling him that they should check their whatsapp line regularly and him replying ” It’s not our fault, there was a lot of Grab food orders”.

This is how most other eateries would handle it – The right way to do it would be “Yes, we apologize for the delay. There was an increase in Grab orders resulting in us being overwhelmed .. hence the delay. Sorry”. That’s it, it took less than a minute.

This is the Indian guys version and it went exactly like this. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Us: Make sure you guys check your whatsapp regularly.

Him: It is not our fault. We got many Grab orders.

Us: Okay but next time, do regularly check your whatsapp to prevent delays

Him: Yea but it is not our fault. We got alot of Grab orders.

Us: Yea okay but because thats how self pickup customers order, you should check your whatsapp frequently.

Him: No sir, it is not our fault. We have so many Grab orders.

And it goes on and on and as it progresses, voices get louder and louder. What should have taken a minute took way longer to settle.

We were not pointing fingers, we simply stated facts … that they should regularly check their whatsapp. This guy was defensive from the start. The more times he repeated it, the more it seemed like he was pulling a Gordon Ramsay on us.. “if you cant wait, f**k off!”

I always thought that feedback from customers were welcomed but I guess this Indian guy is an exception. If it was something negative, he ain’t hearing it.

It is a simple concept. One that I think the Indian guy did not understand. You are essentially a service provider, you provide food. Food that I want and am paying for. That is the only connection between Pizza Mansion and a customer. So, if the service provider has a problem delivering the service, then it is their responsibility to let their customers know and not use it as an excuse when they handle things wrong. In this case, you should have called and inform me of the overload of orders and delay. It would have been a different issue if I whatsapp from the start. I did not, I called first…. so, you had my number. On top of that, I even placed my order while on that call but you told me to do so on whatsapp instead. Did it not occur to you that I might have immediately send a whatsapp to you after the call? If there was soo many orders and they were overwhelmed, all they had to do was call and let us know. We can then decide what we wanted to do.

This has happened elsewhere before. A sudden increase in orders and the whole process gets messed up. Usually, leading to delays. However, the eatery would acknowledge their error and let us say our part, apologize and promise do better in the future. That is how it usually goes.

This Indian guy though, it was almost as though we were stuck in a battle of “Who has the biggest EGO”. It was exhausting.

The bottom line was, we ordered food from Pizza Mansion. Whatever problems and issues the eatery faced in completing my order – IS NOT MY PROBLEM OR MY FAULT. Whether or not we choose to be emphathetic towards you and your problem is another thing entirely. It was your duty to reach out and inform us if you are overwhelmed. You should not have forgotten about whatsapp as it is the only way for self pickup customers to order. There was soo many ways you could have handled it.

  • You could have stopped taking more orders. You should have put a pause on it and work on fulfilling the orders you owe. Once that was completed, you can unpause and continue accepting orders.
  • You could have called or whatsapped us to let us know of the situation and that there would be a delay. We can then decide wether we were still interested to proceed or to head elsewhere for lunch.
  • You could have focused solely on Grab , other online platforms and stopped self pickup temporarily. As long as it remains as a method to order, a screw up is your fault. Especially so, when we did everything right on our end.
  • The fact that we called and placed our order before you told us to send a whatsapp message instead should have indicated that there would be atleast a 50% chance that we would have immediately messaged Pizza Mansion after the call.. right ?? So, you should have stuck around?? …especially since we knew exactly which pizza we wanted.
  • You should have just taken our order when we called rather than us having to send a whatsapp message to you. If you did, then all you had to do was whatsapp us the payment details (you would have had to reach out to us first) and we can go on from there. As a result, all this bullshit about not seeing our whatsapp message and the delay in providing the payment details and etc would not have happened.

As I said, there are many ways to handle the issue but instead you insist on repeating that it is not your fault and put the blame on Grab orders. There was zero sense of responsibility. It felt like you guys are focused on all the delivery platforms only. Self pickup is secondary and not important. Man, I’ve never seen my man get as angry as he did. He screamed at that guy. I too was getting frustrated because until this was settled, I could not inform the courier about the delivery time for my documents.

The funny thing was that we never once blamed the guy or Pizza Mansion. All we did was tell them to handle their whatsapp dealing better but that guy was defensive from the get go. It was like a tape recorder on repeat “It’s not our fault”. In no time, it got into a full blown verbal fight.

My anxiety spiked up like crazy, I was stressed up. It looked like my man was going to loose his mind. What could have been a simple exchange became something angry.

Eventually the manager came over to handle the issue and it was smooth sailing for there. He listened to our side, he explained his side, he apologized for whatever that happened and we moved on from there. Payment was made within 5 minutes. No issues whatsoever.

Well, atleast despite the abysmal experience we experienced here, food was good. Yup, if there is one thing these guys are consistent in, it would be their pizzas. It was delicious.

No pictures of the interior as customers were not allowed in.


Smokey Robinson, RM 38

Oooo, this was gooooood. It was an 11 inch pizza with 8 slices. The pizza crust was light, airy and fluffy – me liked alot. It felt like I was eating a lighter version of a Naan bread. 😁 Each slice had a piece of salmon in it. Not small bits but a pretty large portion. The salmon with onion rings, sour cream, basil, mozzarella and some rocket leaves made this an awesome pizza. Yummmmmm 😍

The pizza came with a side of chilli flakes, cheese, chilli oil and mint oil. Mint oil was fascinating. This was my first time ever tasting it. I liked it. You can immediately tell that it was mint, it was the oil form that was a surprise.😍

Would I go back to Pizza Mansion though? No. Paying 38 bucks and getting a shitty customer service like this?? One that I will remember for quite a while. Paying RM 38 and getting an egoistical and self righteous prick attending to us?? Blaming Grab food orders for the delay. That one takes the cake. Sooo many good restaurant around here that are having the worst time ever since the pandemic hit and these guys, they dont even know how lucky they are to get overload of orders. Rather than own up to it, instead choosing to use it as an excuse simply is not right. You will not be missed. I have a feeling from the indian guys’ broken English and lack of customer service training – that perhaps he is a kitchen staff rather than dealing directly with customer in the front of the restaurant. Yea, that explains his appaling attitude. Anyways, I can find other establishments with equally as good pizzas. I’d rather go elsewhere than be subjected to the same shit I experienced here. So, Bye bye Pizza Mansion. You will not be missed.

Address: 25, Jalan Mesui, Bukit Bintang, KL. (A few doors away from Feeka Coffee Roasters)

Opening hours: Everyday. 12 pm – 10 pm. (Last order by 9 pm)

FB page:

Order link:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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