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ELLO Pita KL @ MAHSA Avenue – Tasty lamb meatballs pita pocket (Pork free)

Recently for lunch, we gave ELLO a try. In case you guys didn’t know, ELLO is a new addition to MAHSA Avenue and is run by the same folks behind POKOK KL. The difference between POKOK and ELLO is that while POKOK is a full fledge restaurant, ELLO focuses solely on takeaways and deliveries. In contrast to POKOK, ELLO focuses solely on the pita pocket variety.

So, if you intend to order, you can head on over to Beepit:

I however encountered a problem with the link. For some reason, the first few times I tried the link, this happened πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

It was not just on the day of my visit, I got the same result on other days too. At first, I simply thought the shop was closed, hence why my visit kept delaying. This time however, I made sure to check their Instagram page and sure enough, just a few hours before my visit, they posted something that indicated that they were open for the day. So, they are open but their online ordering platform was a little haywire.

What I did next was call them, just to ask if I could order through the phone instead of Beepit and was told to do it via Beepit. Okay. So, I asked my friend to give it a try this time with his phone, hopefully he’d have better luck. He did… first try and he managed to get through and it was good until the payment part. The same thing appeared then ” … that the store no longer suppports online ordering”. We were not prepared to take chances. What if with the next try, the payment gets through on our end but gets stuck on their end? How do we know where our money is afloat at? Not wanting to worry about all that, we called them again and mentioned that we were having problems with the online ordering platform and if we could place an order through the phone instead … we were told to head over to POKOK to order and pickup food. For some reason, they refuse to take orders through the phone … I wonder why πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” Anyways, since we were opting for self pickup anyway, it was no problem for us.

** I’ve attached images of their Insta and FB page to show which links worked for me and which did not. πŸ‘ indicates success and πŸ‘Ž indicates failure.



Okay, moving on.

Soon enough, we found ourselves at POKOK.

Once you are at POKOK, you’d have plenty of options. You could either go with what POKOK has to offer and opt for dining in or go with ELLO and takeaway some tasty pita pockets. We opted to stick with ELLO.




The Moroccan (Set), RM 24 + The Fish Pocket, RM 13

The Moroccan

The Moroccan was da bomb. I enjoyed it. It certainly had a Middle Eastern influence to it. The pita pocked came with 3 large lamb meatballs.

There was 3 tasty meatballs, flavored mayo, onions, cucumber, diced pickled vegetables stuffed into a pita pocked. It was delicious. Since I opted for a Set, the pita pocket came with a side of fries and strawberry soda water.

We were unclear about the fries because when we managed to view the Menu on Beepit, it says that sets includes truffle fries ..

However, when we were at POKOK and viewed ELLOs Menu there, it says the ‘sides’ includes cheesy fries instead. When we enquired about the truffle fries we saw online, we were told that we could add that on at a cost of RM 18, it apparently is not included in the set. Okay … and when we asked about the cheesy fries, the chef said that the Set comes with normal fries instead. So, online says Truffle fries, at POKOK its Cheesy fries and the chef says normal fries. Which one is it? Luckily, we were not fussy and so, we just went along with the normal fries.

The Fish Pocket (ala carte)

This pita pocket was okay. I was told by the cashier that this is a crowd favorite but I liked The Morrocan way better. This dish comes with a fish fillet, mayo, pickled greens, cucumber, onion and a strip of lemon.

Order Link:

Address: MAHSA Avenue, Jalan Prof. Diraja Ungku Aziz, Kuala Lumpur. (5 minutes away from University Malaya and UMMC, 10 minutes away from Jalan Gasing, PJ)

Opening hours: Everyday, 11 am – 7 pm

Contact Num.: 016 – 406 5218 / 012 – 505 9147

FB Link:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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