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Mary Jane @ Petaling Street – Nice (Pork free)

I decided to splurge a little when it came to my first dining in experience after a long, long time. It’s an event worth commemorating, right? This would be my second attempt at visiting this eatery. The first was earlier this year, within the short period between MCOs where dining in was allowed. I did not make a reservation and it was fully booked. Waiting time was an hour and a half 😱😱. So this time, I made sure to make a reservation πŸ™‚.

If you guys arent familiar with Mary Jane … they were a big hit when they first opened doors in March this year. Instagram was filled with images of them. It’s an insta-worthy cafe, as some would say .. known for their bed of flowers with a pink theme.

Mary Jane occupies 2 floors but currently, only the top floor is open for dine in … which is great. If you are heading here partly to snap some aesthetically pleasing photos, the top floor is where all the action happens. In contrast to the first time I visited, the crowd was kept at a minimum this time, in adherence with the SOPs, I suppose. So, there was a smaller crowd but no less enthusiatic in snapping photos, lol. People watching here sure was entertaining. I might even have picked up some tricks on angles and positions from them too.

Customer service was great, they were welcoming and engaging. The environment was jovial and lively. At the moment, dining in is limited to 90 minutes per table, which is more than enough time needed to eat and have a nice chat.


They also offer desserts – macaroons and cakes.

Nasi Ulam Ayam Rendang, RM 38 + Kam Heong Clams, RM 36

When asked what’s good, we were told that Kam Heong Clam and Salmon Yuzu were really good. So, we went along with the Kam Heong but gave the salmon a miss, in its place, we went for the Nasi Ulam instead.

Food was pretty good. The Kam Heong Clams consisted of spaghetti and about 7, 8 clams drizzled with plenty of Kam Heong sauce. If you are a Kam Heong lover, you’d enjoy this dish.

The Nasi Ulam Ayam Rendang was okay. To me, the rendang sauce was a tad too salty. So, that was a downer for me. I liked that although the chicken was a thigh piece, it was cut into 2 pieces, which made it easier to eat. I also liked that there was already an extra serving of rendang sauce given with the main dish, so I wouldnt have to get their attention midway through my meal to request for an extra serving. The dish comes with blue pea rice, chicken thigh, pickled vegetable, salted egg and fish crackers. It was an okay dish for me. A tad costly for what it’s worth.

At times, it did cross my mind that the serving size was a little small for the amount of $$$ we were paying, some might even say that it’s pricy but I suppose you are not just paying for the food here, there is also the insta-worthy ambiance, customer service and etc. There certainly was an air of fanciness to it. However, I was seated in between customers who wore shorts and slippers πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” … something you’d never see at a fine dine as there is a clothing etiquette to abide by. So, I suppose Mary Jane is somewhere in between, ey?

For reservations:

Address: 106, Jalan Petaling, City Centre.

Opening hours: Wed – Sun, 12 pm – 10 pm. Mon, Tue Closed.

FB page:

Contact Num.: 018 – 216 0968

Signing out now, Ciao.


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