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Pure Saiva @ PJ New Town – I’d be back for more 😍😍 (vegetarian)

Every once in a month now, I attempt to be a vagetarian. The word here is ‘attempt’ lol, because I only last till lunch. By the time it hits evening, I am craving for them chicken 🀣🀣 I suck at being a vegetarian, my success rate is perhaps 20% but I shall keep trying lah.

Anyways, this time we dropped by Pure Saiva for a visit. It opened doors last year, having been operating for 15 months so far. It sure does not seem like it when you step into the restaurant. Everything was so pristine and white that I thought the most it could be was a few months old.

Everything is organized and structured. As you head in, you immediately start lining up at the mix rice section. There is a standard fixed price for the rice and all the items on the plate – RM 10.80. There was basically about 20 items to choose from. So, you simply tell them what you want and they’d put it on your plate. Then, you sit and eat. Once you are done, you clean up after yourself, take your plate and leave it in the designated area.

To know more about Pure Saiva and to order food, do head to:

Seeee, as I said, everything was structured and organized.

2 plates of rice, RM 10.80 each

Plate 1
Plate 2

Food was delicious. Between the two plates, there was some pumpkin, brinjal, tauhu cubes, ladies finger, tomato chutney and green vegetable with some coconut spinkle. Each plate had a serving of papadum, payasam, rasam, dried chili and chutney. There was 2 choices for rice – white rice and Ghee basmati rice. I decided to try the latter. Ooooo yum. The ghee + basmati rice combination was a delight by itself, it had its own flavor. I enjoyed eating it by itself without any curry.

I’d be back here soon, for sure 😍

Address: No. 34, Jalan Yong Shook Lin, PJ New Town (few doors away from Affin Bank)

Opening hours: Everyday. Weekdays, 7 am – 6 pm. Weekends, 8 am – 3 pm.

FB page:


Signing out now, Ciao.


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