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The Rabbit Hole @ Changkat Bukit Bintang – A new look (pork free)

If you are a regular at Changkat the past few years, you’d most probably heard of The Rabbit Hole. Back then, it was a themed restobar … now, it still is a resto/cafe/bar but with a whole new look. Having reopened very recently – 2 weeks ago, it now exudes a rather modern chic vibe.

Based on observation, there seem to be 2,3 different outlets working as one? A combination of a restaurant, a cafe and a bar. The restaurant being the kitchen that serves all the main meals, the cafe being Brew & Bread that handles coffee and pastries and TAP & TAP which provides the cocktails. (For now, TAP & TAP operates from 5 pm onwards).

Okay guys, if you are in a rush, perhaps you have a meeting to get to in an hour or so or you simply do not like waiting – you best make a RESERVATION before you visit. (To reserve, do click the link – )The place was full, seem to be doing really well and so naturally, do expect a waiting line. If you decide to show up and try your luck, perhaps you might get lucky like we did. We waited in line outside for 10 minutes, it would have taken longer if the table that was reserved at that point was occupied. However, seeing that despite giving them extra time and still not showing up, the host was nice enough to let us have the table instead πŸ™‚. That was good customer service. Either way, make a reservation next time. I know I would.


So, it took 45 minutes to get our food. Understandably as they were fully occupied. There were also several large tables in presence, groups consisting of groups of 6s, 4s per table. In another table, about 20 people were there celebrating someones’ birthday. All these individuals were already there when we came in, which meant that we had to wait till all those people received what they ordered before it finally came to our turn. So yea, this further reiterate my point that if you dont have extra time to spare waiting – Do make a RESERVATION. Otherwise, sit down, take it all in, enjoy the interior and setting, people watch till your food arrives πŸ™‚

Signature Chicken Chop with Butter Salted Egg Sauce, RM 29.80

This dish was tasty. The deep fried chicken chop was juicy and tender with a flavorful crunchy outer layer. With a nice drizzle of salted egg sauce, it elevated the overall taste, made it even better. I liked how they provided extra sauce on the plate just in case we needed it, which we did. The dish also came with serving of fries (hidden under the chicken), salad and tomato.

Javanese XL Ayam Panggang with Nasi Kuning Berempah, RM 28.80

Well, I was suppose to get Yellow Turmeric Rice but I got white rice instead. It was nicely cooked and all but did they give me the wrong rice or was yellow turmeric rice meant to be white color? πŸ€”πŸ€”. Anyways, the chargrilled chicken thigh was flavorful and cooked just right. There was some tempe and tauhu on the side with a portion of Sambal Terasi. I was not really feeling this dish, most probably because my heart was already set on the chicken chop 😁 but hey, you might be a fan.

Would I be back here for another visit? Yes, I’d like to. I would certainly make a reservation this time at a corner of my choosing πŸ˜€ and hopefully at that point, there wouldnt be as much crowd as this time so that I can truly enjoy the ambiance and setting.

Address: 14, 16, Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Opening hours: Everyday. 8 – 12 am.

For reservation:

FB page:

Contact num.: 018 – 265 08 28

Signing out now, Ciao.


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