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Udon Ichiyutei @ J’s Gate Dining, Lot 10 – Not bad at all πŸ™‚ (Pork free)

As it has been raining really heavy the past few weeks, figuring out where to have lunch is a feat by itself. Why? You see, for some of us women, it does not create the desired effect on hair. We start of the day having a sleek, straight hair and the next thing you know, once the rain gets onto it – it turns into a puffball, resembling a lions mane. Trying to tame it down after is hopeless. As I have a meeting right after lunch today, I am not risking it. Hence why I ended up in Lot 10 instead. It is all covered and not a single drop of rain can ‘kena’ my hair. I sound vain, don’t I? Don’t judge melah, this is a common problem among the female population, kay?? 😑😑

Anyways, I headed to Lot 10 with the intention of having lunch at the ever popular Hutong Food Court. It has been more than 4 years since I’ve last visited and was looking forward to indulging. That did not happen though. I blame it on the carpark. When you park at the top of the building, your way into the mall is to pass through J’s Gate Dining – a collection of 10 -15 Japanese restaurants. As I arrived during lunch, the place was crowded. My friend and I figured that we’d take a stroll around this floor just to see if there was anything enticing. I really do not recall this floor looking the way it did now, years ago. Perhaps some changes were made? πŸ€”πŸ€” Soon enough, we came across Udon Ichiyutei who serves primarily udon and curry rice, which we like lots … so, lunch was here instead of Hutong.


As mentioned above, Udon Ichiyutei is one of several restaurants located within J’s Gate Dining. It resembled a modern food court with a focus kn Japanese cuisine. A bunch of eateries located next to one another. Some of them share the same spot for customer seating while the rest have their own proper restaurant setup.

At Udon Ichiyutei, once you’ve decided what you’d like to eat, you place your order, pay and wait. Once its ready, they will call out your order number and you head over to the counter tk collect your food.

Chicken Tempura Curry Udon, RM 16.80 + Chicken Katsu Curry Rice, RM 19.90

Food was good. With the udon, I initially wanted to give the Pumpkin Curry Udon a go but that was not available during my visit. So, I ended up with the Chicken Tempura Curry Udon instead. I also top – up the size, from a regular to large at an additional cost of RM 2.90. If you intend to share the dish with another, the upgrade is worth it, it comes with much more noodles and 3 large pieces of chicken tempura. I usually do not like udon this thick but it works well here. The curry broth was flavorful and the chicken tempura was delicious. It tasted and looked like an XL size of chicken nugget with a crunchy, crispy exterior. Overall, this bowl of udon was enjoyable

The Chicken Katsu Curry Rice was upgraded to a large size too and it sure did come with lots of rice. Perfect for sharing. The curry was delicious, good enough to eat on its own. Slurp slurpppp 😍. The chicken katsu was tasty, a perfect addition the rice and curry.

Would I be back here? Yea, I’d like to. Looking forward to giving the other eateries a go.

Address: Level 4, Lot 10, Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL.

Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 8 pm


Signing out now, Ciao.


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