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Chen Tiang Cake House @ Pudu – Nostalgic ol’ school buttercream cakes

If you guys regularly read the news online, you’d notice ONE particular cake house being mentioned/reviewed by several major news stations the past month …. The Star, Berita Harian, Bernama, Channel News Asia, Malay Mail and etc.. Just when I thought I’ve read one article on Chen Tiang, another one pops up a few days later, followed by another. I do not think I have seen this happening before. Sure, one or two might do a review but this many news stations focusing on one eatery in particular? It certainly is a rarity. Perhaps this is their way of helping an ailing business? one that is going through a rather difficult time sustaining their business due to Covid 19?? Perhaps ey πŸ€”πŸ€”

Anyways, seeing a repeated visual of colorful slices of cakes has influenced me to somehow pay Chen Tiang a visit. I have a weakness for desserts and so, it did not require much effort to motivate me for a visit but I blame the news lah πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Chen Tiang Cake House is a 60 year old bakery that sells cakes and pastries. What sets them apart from many other bakeries is their buttercream icing … the old school kind. I am an 80’s kid and this was what I grew up with. Most folks from the 70s to 90s era would say the same too. So, I have a rather nostalgic appreciation for these sort of cakes.

*** All ingredients used are Halal Certified. The method of payment they accept is CASH and DuitNow QR Pay, Touch&Go pay.

I visited this cake house two hours before closing time which perhaps could explain why the bakery shelves was half empty. Thank god there still was a selection of cake slices available or else I would have been dissapointed. One of the main purpose of my visit was to sink my teeth into them old school buttercream icing. So, I was mighty happy to see the choices available.

They offer whole cakes and slices. Since I am the only one among my group of friends that like and appreciate this particular icing, best I get myself some slices as oppose to a whole.

I got myself 6 pieces of cakes. Each piece cost RM 3 which meant I paid RM 18 for all. It consisted of 2 slices of roll cake (round) and 4 pieces of sponge cake (rectangle).

The rectangle shaped cakes were basically sponge cake. What elevated it from a basic sponge cake to a pretty tasty dessert was the buttercream. It was buttery, creamy with a slight saltiness to it that complements the cake overall. At a cost of RM 3, I’d say the slices were generous in size. My favorite was the slice with peanut sprinkle on it. Why? I love peanut and this particular piece gave me plenty of that. The whole cake tasted peanutty. The sponge cake texture differred from thebother three too. This one was more dense and compact. It was more like a Japanese sponge cake? Somewhere in between a spongecake and a roll cake, not as fluffy and airy. Both the roll cakes I liked. One was coffee flavored and the other chocolate. The coffee one had peanuts sprinkle on it which – I loveeeeeed. Naturally the texture was q whole lot more dense than the sponge cake. None of the cakes were overly sweet.

Was the trip worth it? I suppose so. It isn’t everyday that I come across something that reminded me of back in the day. So, this was a good trip. I enjoyed the cakes. If you are looking for fancy cakes, you will not find it here. No fancy mixes like earl grey, lavender and etc. There is a reason you often end up forking out RM 13 and above for those kind of cakes. The ones here are rather basic. No bombastic flavors and aesthetics. You literally get what you pay for. As I said before at a cost of RM 3 per piece, this was a good deal. For now, I’ve satisfied my buttercream need. When the need strikes again, I know where to head to. Not anytime soon though πŸ™‚ It takes me 20 minutes to get here and there are about 5 bakeries near home that sells pastries and cakes too. So, driving all the way here is not that practical for me unless when the mood strikes.

Address: 54, Jalan Sungai Besi, Pudu, KL

Opening hours: Everyday. 8 am – 5 pm.

FB page: https://m.facebook.com/chentiangcakehouse/

Contact Num.: 03 – 9221 2209

Signing out now, Ciao.


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