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Ally’s Kombucha – Healthy, refreshing flavored fermented teas 😍

Looky looky here, look what we received recently … some goodies from Ally’s Kombucha yawwww.

Honestly, I have a love hate relationship with kombucha. Plenty of love, little hate. The hate/dislike stemming from all my failed attempts to flavor my brew. Yes, I do make my own kombucha. Got my little SCOBY hotel going on from the many attempts I’ve made so far. First part of the brew is always a success. The next part is when flavors are added into and yea, that is when things go wrong. Something always ends up being overpowering. Ugggh 😫😫 I need to do more research and most definitely – more practise, but for now, I am taking a break. My dear ol heart can only take that many letdowns 😭😭

Anyways, I was mighty glad to receive these goodies as it had been a long while since I’ve last had a dose of kombucha. As you guys know, kombucha is basically fermented tea that is perceived to be a healthy drink thanks to the probiotics and antioxidants it contains.

Ally’s Kombucha – who are they? It is run by a mother daughter duo. Mom attended a kombucha course two years ago and started brewing soon after. After brewing, doing R&D for product development the past few years and with plenty of support and encouragement from friends and familythey eventually made it into a legit business. Officially launched 2 months ago, mom makes the kombuchas and daughter handles marketing, branding and etc. Their aim is to grow big enough to enable them to be a proper kombucha supplier. To supply to cafes and perhaps even the grocers without compromising their quality.

As of right now, Ally’s offer 3 flavored kombucha – Sweet Peach Kombucha, Rose Kombucha and Tropical Passionfruit Kombucha. It comes in a 250ml bottle at a cost of RM 11.90 each.

All 3 kombucha was πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ but I loved the Peach and Rose. These two flavors are not a common kombucha blend here or rather, I have not come across many. The common ones are usually Ginger, Lavender, Blue Pea, Cinnamon, Apple, Passionfruit and etc.. so, I was curious. If you’ve tasted kombucha, you’d know that the drink usually comes with a ‘kick’, a distinct taste that exist as a result of the fermentation process that takes place during brewing and so when adding in the flavor, it has to be done right so that both the ‘kick’ and the flavor complements each other – something I myself still have not mastered. Here, all the flavors worked well. When you first take a sip, you’d immediately be able to taste the peach, rose and passionfruit followed by the lingering ‘kick’. Lovely.

The Rose kombucha is infused with premium rosebuds, the Peach is infused with peaches and the Tropical Passion is a combination of passionfruit + sweet mangoes. With the Rose and Peach, you know what you are getting. The Passionfruit was a surprise. Why? Passionfruit usually have a tart-ish, slightly sour-ish taste and so, I was expecting a rather sour-ish kombucha but thanks to the sweet mangoes added in, it actually turned out great.

All in all, the 3 kombuchas were great. I enjoyed it. If my attempts at flavoring my brew remains a failure, I’d certainly consider Ally’s when intending to satisfy my kombucha craving.

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Signing out now, Ciao.


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