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Der Backmeister @ Bangsar – Awesome ambiance, good food πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ (Halal)

I am sure Der Backmeister need no introduction, it is popularly known as the only Halal German bakery/restaurant in town. Food is always good and delicious too. I’ve visited the TTDI outlet numerous times and I’ve never been disappointed. Literally everyone I know – friends and family, buy their bread from this eatery. If there is one thing I can say about Der Backmeister is their consistensy in providing good food.

So naturally when I heard that they opened a new outlet, this time in Bangsar, I was excited. Officially opened a month ago, it is located along Jalan Abdullah within the same 14 000 sqft restored house as Bungalow 37. Which part of Bangsar is this eatery located in? It is located a few minutes away from Jalan Kemuja which is home to the ever popular Lisette’s Cafe & Bakery and The Lankan Crabs. Opposite this row of shops are houses, right? Yup, Jalan Abdullah is in that housing area. The house Der Backmeister is located in is in a quiet corner, at the end of the road. Lots of greens, beautiful view. It was aesthetically pleasing from the get go.

Where to park? There is an open carpark a few doors away where customers of Der Backmeister can park for free.

Der Backmeister occupies two floors. There is the Ground floor and then, if you take the stairs up, you’d reach another seating area and then, there is the terrace. I only discovered the terrace after I was done eating. If I knew of it before, I most definitely would have opted to have my meal there instead because it sure was aesthetically pleasing. In all honesty, both floors were visually appealing. Large space that exudes an ol’ school feel, it was a truly enjoyable experience.


Salmon Sandwich, RM 23 + Sunny Meatloaf, RM 21

Ooo man, this was one really good sandwich. Fresh salmon with eggs and greens with bread that compliments – what more does one need? I absolutely detest having salmon sandwich that comes accompanied with rock hard bread. You end up spending sooo much time trying to chew the bread that the joy of salmon is overlooked. Thank god such isn’t the case here. Here, the bread was soft, airy and dense, it worked really well with the salmon. As simple as this sandwich may be, it was delicious. I’d order it again.

This was another good dish. The chicken meatload was nicely flavored. The texture was soft and bouncy. The outer part was similar to a burger patty while the inner part had a springyness to it that is similar to a fishball? The tasty meatloaf with the sunny side egg and bread may not seem like much but it sure was a filling lunch. Burp!!

Would I be back? Hell yeah. This eatery is certainly worth a revisit. Looking forward to another serving of Salmon Sandwich. I’d also like to give the Currywurst a go next. I had the same dish on repeat during my visit to Berlin, I really did enjoy it. Enjoyed it soo much that I had several helpings of it … curry sausage with fries, yummmmm 😍😍 Already dreaming of it.

Address: 37, Jalan Abdullah, Bangsar, KL.

Opening hours: Tue – Sun, 8 am – 5 pm. Mon Closed.


FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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