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Aperture @ TTDI – a hidden delight (Halal)

With a few hours to spare, my sister and I decided to have a short ‘lepak’ session. Our sessions almost always involves desserts and cakes. Initially intending to head to Buttery, we changed direction to Aperture because it ended up being closed.

Aperture was a sudden find. It was one of those things whereby you do a drive by and stumble upon it. We would have missed it if it was not for the car ahead of me that was in the midst of parking. Since traffic was standstill for a minute, I took a look around and found Aperture.

I like Aperture. It is somewhat hidden. It is almost as if if you do not know its there – you’d most probably miss it. Even when you are driving pass, unless you stop at the right spot and crane your neck to see what is on top … it is highly likely you’d miss Aperture.

Lots of greens here. It was well spaced out, cosy and welcoming. The main man here was chatty and entertaining. He can literally strike up a conversation with any customer. Eventhough this was my first visit to Aperture, I felt like I fit in from the get go. Even if you visit on your own, you’d be able to find a quiet corner for yourself. There is plenty of plug points all over and so, it is a perfect spot to get your work done.


Sticky Date Pudding, RM 15 + Brownie, RM 11

As the two of us just had lunch before we visited Aperture, we opted to have desserts here.

The desserts were lovely. I loved them both. The brownie was surprisingly light and chocolatty. From the taste of it, it was obvious that good quality chocolate was used. It was light, not too dense which is great because you get to finish the dessert without it being ‘muak’.

The Sticky Date Pudding was real good 😍😍 The cake itself was good to eat on its own but when you pour the sticky date sauce all over it though… oooo man, that was some delicious dessert. Thinking about it got my salivating all over again.

Banoffee Pie, RM 15

This was a light, fluffy dessert and is apparently a crowd pleaser. To me, this tasted like a fusion between tiramisu and bonoffee. The white cream upwards, tasted like tiramisu and the white cream downwards tasted like bonoffee. It was yummy. It wasn’t too sweet and gave me a good dose of flavors.

Would I be back here? Yes, I certainly would. Whether with company or alone, Aperture offers a good setting. I can find my own quiet corner to get some work done and treat myself to some tasty desserts.

and oh, on my way out, I got a free serving of their pineapple tart. All desserts here are made by them and the tarts were no different. However, that particular batch was baked a little too long and so, it ended up into the reject pile. As me and a bunch of other people were leaving, they were nice enough to give us a taste.

The tart was tasty. It did not seem overbaked at all to me but what do I know about baking 😁 During MCO, when all F&Bs were pretty much closed, to keep the business afloat, they started making and selling pineapple tarts. Little did they know that many orders would start coming in. I’ve tried it and it was pretty good. They have recently open orders for Chinese New Year. If you guys would like some, do ring them up or head on over to their website to order.

Address: 12 A, First floor, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, TTDI.

Opening hours: Mon, Tue, Thurs – Sun, 10 am – 7 pm. Wednesdays Closed.


FB page:

Contact Num.: 03 – 7733 1556

Signing out now, Ciao.


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