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Jamboo KL @ Jln. Tun H S Lee – Healthy yumminess 😍 (Pork free)

We very recently paid this new, 4 day old cafe, Jamboo a visit and it sure was an awesome visit.

Why name a cafe after a fruit? Why specifically this fruit? The story goes like this … Jennie was an air stewardess with Malaysian Airlines and during MCO, just like many of us, work and pay suffered. So, she and her partner decided to team up and soon enough, they opened a home business focusing on chicken rice and lei cha. They anticipated the chicken rice to be a bestseller but to their surprise, it was lei cha that was a crowd favorite. With that successfull business, in time, they decided to open a physical shop instead. So, why Jamboo?? … because Lei Cha here is made from the jambu tree. So, naming the cafe after it was a homage of sorts.

Jamboo is located along Jalan Tun H S Lee, the busy road that also houses popular cafes like Timothy – Timothy @ Jalan Tun H.S. Lee – Something new and Kleptokrat – Kafe Kleptokrat @ Jalan Tun HS Lee – Ol’ school charm. What a delight 😍😍 (Pork free) .

If you drop by during lunch hour, be prepared to wait. With the healthy delicious food Jamboo offers, this cafe is very quickly becoming a crowd favorite, especially by the working folks around the area. If you want an easy breezy experience, best drop by 1.30 pm onwards. By then, most of the crowd would have dispersed and you’d have the space pretty much to yourself.

PARKING : Well, it goes without saying that parking is difficult here, especially during lunch hour. Some folks park by the road side but I didn’t want to risk it, never know when the ‘saman’ guys will pay us a visit. I ended up parking at Reggae Rooftop Bar, just a short walk away from Jamboo, at a rate of RM 5 per hour.


Sweetie, RM 15 + Mango – Cha, RM 17

Ooooo man, this was one delicious smoothie. Sweet potato smoothie is not something I regularly see. As I love sweet potato, ordering this drink was a no brainer. I loved it. Sweetie is a combination of sweet purple potato + dairy milk + raw honey. It was thick and dense, soo flavorful. The raw honey used is definitely of good quality, the distinct taste was evident and with the milk and sweet potato, it was a perfect combination.

This drink was good too. It consisted of mango + matcha + sago + coconut milk. You’d be able to taste each and every ingredient. Many times, you’d come across a Menu where it tells you that a particular drink is made up of certain ingredients. You order and it turns out tasting as though only one ingredient was used? It often leaves you wondering what about all the other ingredients they promised you? Can hardly taste those items and yet, you end up paying for it. No such problem here. You can judge from the layers itself. The green is Matcha, the white is Coconut Milk and the yellow is mango. It is no thin layer, you get plenty of each. Be sure to mix it well before drinking it because naturally if you drink from the top, unmixed, you would taste the bitterness of matcha. So, do mix it. It certainly was a unique combination. The slight bitterness from matcha, the distinct, creamy taste of coconut milk, the sweetness from the mangoes with plenty of sago for some chewyness. Yum 😍.

Inspirasi ‘Lei Cha’, RM 22 + Melakagu Bowl, RM 24

Lei Cha

Melakagu Bowl

Food was great. Healthy and delicious. I always thought Lei Cha was made of green tea but I was told that the ones here were made from the Jambu tree.

It tasted soothing. Does that make sense? I do not know how else to describe it. It was soothing and pleasant, similar feel you’d have when drinking Japanese green tea. There are several ways to consume the lei cha. Some pour it all over the rice, give it a nice mix and then eat it. Others prefer drinking the lei cha on its own, as a side. They also offer lei cha in a ‘sambal’ texture to those who prefers having the broth in a slightly thickened state.

The rice came accompanied with leeks, jicama, wing beans, tofu, long beans, peanut. Once everything is mixed, do expect a variety of textures and flavors. While this may be a vegetarian dish, it was one a meat eater like me enjoyed lots.

The Melakagu Bowl was the bomb. This rice bowl was made up of brown rice, edamame, oriental mushroom, carrot, seaweed flakes, crispy potato. The boneless chicken it comes with was infused with gula melaka. Many times when I order these sort of meat, I can barely taste the infusion. So, I was kind of expecting to experience something similar here but that was not the case at all. Here, literally every mouth you take, you would be able to taste the sweetness. It was perfect to eat with the rest of the items in the rice bowl. Every mouth you take, it comes with a hint of sweetness. The dish also comes with a side of yuzu aioli which to me taste like Japanese mayo. Adding some into the rice bowl made it even better.

Otak-otak fries, RM 17

Well, at this point, we were full but I simply could not resist ordering the fries. I have not come across otak-otak fries before and so, I was really looking forward to this despite being full. It was yummy. The fries were not oily at all, it was light and flavorful. It never crossed my mind prior to this but if I even imagine otak-otak fries, this would be it.

Overall, I had a great time at Jamboo. I look forward to returning here and trying out the other dishes they offer.

Address: 19 G, Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre, KL. (Opposite Timothy and Kleptokrat Cafe)

Opening hours: Everyday. Weekdays, 9.30 am – 8.30 pm. Weekends, 8.30 am – 8.30 pm.


FB page:

Contact Num.: 012 – 891 9159

Signing out now, Ciao.


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