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Fujiyama 101 @ Damansara Uptown – Tasty, affordable sushi (Halal)

I was in the area and had a sudden craving for sushi. So, off I headed to Fujiyama. I’ve always enjoyed my time at this eatery because I’d get tasty sushi at affordable price.

If you are a regular in the area, you’d notice that Damansara Uptown has two Fujiyama outlets, located on opposite rows. Now that I’ve visited both, I think the difference between the two is the ambiance and setting because as far as the Menu and food is concern, it’s pretty much the same. Fujiyama is the more fancier, nicer looking one whereas Fujiyama 101 is more understated and simple, no frills.


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Special Unagi Roll, RM 28.80 + Salmon Belly Osaka Sushi, RM 28.80 + Garlic Fried Rice, RM 12.90

Unagi Roll

Salmon Belly Osaka Sushi

Garlic Fried Rice

It would be kindda difficult for me to dissect and explain in detail what I ate because …. its Sushi. All I can say was that I enjoyed lunch here. Food was goood. I cant remember much details anyways as it was a birthday treat. So, all I did was ‘hantam’ and more ‘hantam’. All dishes were great but I especially loved the rolls. Each piece was pretty big in size, flavorful. The salmon belly was fresh and tasty. The fried rice was awesome. Not only did it taste good, I liked that it came with thin, crispy fried garlic pieces scattered all over. Not only did it provide a variety in texture, tastewise it did too.

I enjoyed lunch here. Food tasted judt as good as it was in their first outlet. Fujiyama 101 would be perfect for a visit on days where I am on my own. It is smaller, simpler and quieter. If I am with company, then I’d drop by the other outler because it seem to be more aesthetically pleasing and is bigger.

Address: No. 40G, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya.

Opening hours: Everyday. 11 am – 11.20 pm.

FB page:

Signing out now, Ciao.


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